i-Square Station Opening Ceremony,Parkamaya Fahrenheit88

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Hello, So this is how my Black Brown Red Red Hair i did last friday at Number 76, Mont Kiara Branch by Hikky-San. It's slightly more Reddish. I guess Hikky-San wanted my hair to match with the festive Christmas around the corner, that's why. :P However i'm still considering going for all Black(Like i mentioned in my twit, Black Black Black Red?), next year maybe? What do you think?

Just a quick updates for last Saturday. i-Square Station Grand Opening Ceremony was officially held at Parkamaya, Fahrenheit88. A new multi concept stores with many blog/facebook shops that sells their stuff over there. And I was one of the bloggers who were selling their pre loved items that day. hehehehe. So if you're interested on any of them, you can visit iSqaure Station to check them out until end of December. :)

Here's the featured blog/facebook shops available at I-Square Station: 

1.       Facebook: Agape Boutique
2.       Facebook: Peep Boutique
3.       Facebook: Momoko wardrobe
4.       Facebook: Summerlara
5.       Facebook: Chalotte Katy
6.       Facebook: Cozen
7.       Facebook: Vina Boutique
8.       Facebook: De Armoire
9.       Facebook: Luciffer wardrobe
10.   Facebook: Mirror fashion gallery
11.   Facebook: Verdez Olivia
12.   Facebook: Japzjewel
13.   Facebook: Dressing without stress
14.   Facebook: Little zakka
15.   Facebook: Vogue Maison
16.   Facebook: De Mille
17.   Facebook: Marimo Club
18.   Facebook: Project Swissify

iSquare Station, On the left from the front escalator

'My little corner'

Pictures with bloggers attended during the opening ceremony, Ashley, Cherrie, Yours truly & Jane.

Last but not least a credit for my coordinates: 

Cat Beanie from JessicaC | Beige Knit Wear from FBlockContrast Mini Skirt from Azorias
(Sorry didn't manage to take a full picture of my coordinates, so here comes one with crediting. )

Till then, have a nice day. 

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