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Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas ya'all!!! 

It's Christmas Eve tonight, not going anywhere for any celebration as everywhere will be pack with tons of people counting down for Christmas. So instead, i'm staying in tonight and blog for some Christmas party that was held weeks ago. I guess it was by far the earliest Christmas party i ever attended, on the first week of December. It was pretty cool in fact. When everyone's already in their Christmas mode, playing Christmas songs, dress up nicely, putting on their fancy Christmas header and hunt for good food. Mmm, such an amazing Christmas party i could say. Many thanks to Nuffnang for the invites. Apparently it was Nuffnang x Nom Nom x Churp Churp Christmas Party at Arista Bar and Restaurant, with hashtag of the night #Nom2Xmas.

Well, not much pictures were taken from my camera. You know why? A night with more than 3 cameras from each of us. I don't even have to take it with my own camera, just grabbed it from the girls will do. Such a lazy me i know! :P So yeah, pictures below credits to Nana, Jane, Ashley and Nat's blog. Endless selca pictures. #GirlsBeingGirls

Pictures will do the talking with captions along, Enjoy! :)

ze girlsssss ;
Yours truly, Ashley, Nana, Jane & Nat

From Humble Beginnings <3

Early bird gets to eat. Om Nom Nom

Nana happily eating

Cheers with ASAHI

Nanako <3


Not ready? 

Ashley Comic Alike

Ernest from Don't like that bro putting on my bunnyheadgear

Havoc-ing when the M&M dancing Oppa Gangnam Style

Some polaroid for us that night, memoriessssss <3

Closed Up

Last ending this post with a picture of me with the nominees for best dressed. I was lucky to be nominated as one of them. Still congrats to Michelle, the winner who has the little black hat on her hair, she dressed up really sweet! 

Whoooooops and guess what? I just got this picture before i offline, thanks Tianchad for the awesome fisheye pictures. 

Alright, time to hit the sack! Ready for a proper Christmas Dinner tomorrow with my love. As it's gonna be our first year celebrating Christmas together despite from long distance festive when i was in Japan last year. Till then, Goodnight ya'all! Merry Christmas once again, all the best and have a wonderful year ahead!! 

Oh dear, I miss my Wingeez Girlies now!! T_________________________T

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