Diva J.Lo Dance Again World Tour

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Last weekend, courtesy of Xpax, we got two tickets to Jennifer Lopez Dance Again World Tour. This time Diva J.Lo is about to sing and get back on her feet in her sensational Dance Again tour first live in ASIA!!

It was raining heavily before the concert started, so i got myself a Raincoat

Someone who never missed in my blog, le boyf!!

Check out the massive crowd!!!

Here's an OOTD picture before it's getting dark! ready for concert

My Black & White Coordinate :
White Top from Topshop
Black beaded highwaist shorts from Bkk
Black studded Backpack from In House Fashion

Diva J.Lo sang quite a number of songs, couldn't really remembered what's the name for each and every. But all of them were great, and she was dancing so well, shaking her butt most of the time. One of my favorite part of the show. hehe. Apparently we were seated at the 368 zone, quite a distance from the stage but still we enjoyed it. Besides that, this was the one and only concert i ever been to with several age gap, from kids to elderly. Such a huge range of people loving Diva J.Lo. 

P/s: Pardon the pictures below, they were take from a distance. I know it was quite far that could barely see Diva J.Lo.. :(

My favorite song of the night - On The Floor

On The Floor Video recorded by me.

Our second concert together, Thank you for watching with me again!! <3

Till then, done blogging on how i spend my sunday with the diva. Time to continue today's also another Sunday with tons of assignments!! Due date soon, which means holiday soon too. Fighto!! Can't wait for my christmas this year. x

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