Christmas/New Year Giveaway *Edited*

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dear blog, Sorry for the hiatus. Have been busy, REALLY REALLY BUSY with my final assignments, which was due few days ago. I'm finally a free bird, ready for my One Week Holiday. (Yes i know i repeat it and exaggerate every single time. LOL) Anyway One more semester to my graduation next year. I'm still lost and couldn't imagine how heavy my workload could be for next year!! And how's life going on after that?. What's giving me double big headache are Graduation Final Workpiece and Internship! Oh life! Where should i persuade for my degree? Or maybe get attach with working? But all and all will never stop me from blogging, for sure! :)

Well, since i have been MIA for quite sometimes. Today i'm doing a giveaway as an apology treat. In fact i was planning to do it a week before or two. However time doesn't allow me to, was struggling with tons of assignments. So i hope that you guys don't mind and guess i will just make it as a Pre-New Year 2013 Giveaway then. :) Better than nothing la horrr?! :P

Before that, i would love to share these super cools blogshops for iphone casing. :)

Iphone Casing from i.Licious Phone Boutique

We supply high Quality and Unique cloths for your smartphone!! Dress up them nicely as you everyday ♥

Two casing that i have been using lately.

Anna Sui Case & Vintage Mustache Case

Besides that, i.Licious do have customized Camera cases too.
Every camera pouch is handmade and customize according to your camera size ♥ You just need to provide us your camera model and the lens length (eg: Canon 600D, 18-135) Every inner contain 5 layer compress cotton to ensure it provide the best protection for your camera. 
We do have same series design camera strap for every pouch. You can purchase it together with your camera pouch or purchase only the pouch. To ensure the quality for every item sold, each pouch take 2-3 weeks for customization, we do not accept urgent order!!
This is my Bunny casing for Sony NEX F3, how adorable ain't it?

External Charger from ifound Wardrobe
We sell vintage shoes, dresses, shorts,bags, phone casing, pluggy and more. Any enquiry, do not hesitate to ask us. PM us or send us a mail to Happy shopping with us babes ♥

It comes with 6 portable headers, 1 Hello Kitty lanyard and 1 Pink cover.

Hello Kitty Solar Portable Charger. 

I guess you people must be waiting impatiently, what's the giveaway treat right? Here you go... I'm giving away 1 Hello Kitty iphone case, 1 Candy Pluggy & 1 Mickey Mouse Solar Portable Charger(Picture above). All you need to do is comment, Which giveaway items you love the most and WHY? This deal is only open for one week, so be quick! I will select the most creative answer and get all the gifts done before New Year 2013. 

- Contest CLOSED -

Thanks for commenting, Sorry for dragging the result, here comes the 3 Lucky Winners. Congratulations to my lucky readers! :) Anyway just before i proceed with the final stage, please reply me with your Email or directly email me your Mailing address at teng.povy@gmail.comso that i can get the lucky parels send out soon. :)

Huey Shin for winning Hello Kitty iphone case  
Mingming Goh for winning Mickey Mouse Solar Portable Charger
Nicole Yie for winning Candy Pluggy


  1. The giveaway I love the most is Mickey Mouse Solar Portable Charger, because it's easy for travelling on the long run while you won't be worried about running out of battery! Plus, its so freaking uber adorable that Mickey Mouse loves me! ;D

  2. I like the hello kitty portable charger the most. The reason I like it is because it's not only cute, it's convenience and small in size too. When I go traveling or camping, battery of my iPhone will be used very fast and will be low batt not even over half day. If I have this portable charger, it's easier for me to recharge my phone battery whenever wherever and anywhere ! Portable charger is very important nowadays. This is the reason why I chose the hello kitty portable charger. Hope I can win it. Thanks :) !

  3. For me i would pick the Mickey Mouse Solar Portable Charger! WHY? because it is really irritating for me when my phone or ipad's battery drain off, you know la~ youngsters like us, who always use hp for whatsapp, imsg, selca, searching info online playing games, battery will drain off so fast TcT, which makes us feel like *wtf* when we do not bring our charger out or whn there's no socket for me whn i am outside chilling with my friends or when i am waiting for friends but bcse of my hp battery drained, i couldn't kill my time! so with this Mickey Mouse Solar Portable Charger surely it will helps me out alot! By the way! this thingy is shoooo cute! who doesn't want it! especially when i am a mickey lover!

  4. I love the candy pluggy the most because pink colour is so lovely! It match my white phone perfectly! Besides this, because of I do not own an Iphone, I am using Samsung s2, so the Hello Kitty phone case is not suitable though I super love Hello Kitty! Since the winner will get all the prize, so I am super happy to have it as a collection of my Hello Kitty stuffs! BTW, the Mickey mouse solar portable charger is very convenient, you know right, the smartphone battery dies extremely fast! Extremely hope that I can win!! :D

    Thank you for this giveaway! <3

  5. I want the Hello Kitty iphone case. I am a huge fans of Hello Kitty. I even wanna buy the Hello Kitty external charger, it's way too cute. Thanks for introducing this shop, I have been looking for it for a long time. :)

  6. I love the mickey mouse solar portable charger!! I have always like Mickey Mouse since I was a little girl and I do have a little collection of Mickey Mouse too. Really want to add that charger to my collection :D
    Thank you.

  7. I love the Mickey Mouse Solar Portable Charger the most! Well, I survived doomsday but I guess it will come back in the future. Worrying that there will be no electrical supply, I need the solar portable charger so I can actually blog, update status, tweet and so on, HAHA <3

  8. hi dear Povy,among that three item i like the most is the Mickey Mouse solar portable charger. Frankly , its my first time of hearing this kind of product. Thanks for introducing this such amazing product.I actually went to google search about this item. And this product simply amazed me thou.This is awesome because it has enough power to chrge the phone. It can be charged everywhere without the socket plug. u know that iphone always so fast run out of battery,thus this is amazing for iphone users like me. The mickey-mouse style its very please to look! Its so adorable with the two ears on that solar portable charger. i really wish that i can own one & so i wont have a problem of running out of battery.

    Thanks for giving away the items to your readers. You are just so amazingly niceee! I met you at the Isquare Station opening. I guess u've forgotten who im. haha!
    Well, lastly, i wishh you merry xmas (:
    Good luck with all your assignment. dont too stress.

    Withlove, jennifer

  9. Solar charger! I haven't seen any solar charger till now! And I really think it's so eco friendly and convenient! It's really a must buy item as my battery dies very fast! I wish I could get one of them! :)
    Jessica Tan

  10. I love Mickey Mouse Solar Portable Charger ! First , it is very eco-friendly as it is using solar system . Mickey is my all time favourite ! Also , Im a keen phone user , phone battery is constantly dead all the time. Im sure it'll be useful and I'll love it !It's so nice of u for making this giveaway <3 Merry Christmas :)

  11. I love the Mickey Mouse Solar Portable Charger . First , it is very eco-friendly as it is solar system. Mickey is always my all time favourite character ! Also, I'm a keen phone user, phone battery is constantly dead all the time. I'm sure it'll be really useful and I'll love it ! It's so nice of you for making this giveaway ! Merry Christmas :)

  12. Hi Povy! ♥

    Firstly, Merry christmas and Happy new year to you! So glad to see that you're giving away things again!!! :D

    Well, my choice is, Candy pluggy! Because it's so special that I can rarely see it anywhere! The cute little ribbon on the key is just so attracting for me as I love cute things and pink stuffs so much, just like you! (That's 1 of the reason I read your blog =X)

    I actually like that hello kitty case and the portable charger too, but I'm not using iPhone, so the only stuff I could choose is the pluggy! X'( (Thanks a lot that at least have a non-iPhone thingy to win it XD)

    Hope I'm the lucky one... or the most creative one? Haha. Hope to hear from you soon! Have a nice day ahead! =)

    NicoleYie. ♥

  13. I would like to have the Candy Pluggy, the reason is simple, I can't afford an iPhone and pluggy is just well-suited to my phone and every following phone in my following days.

    Well, actually I just wanna catch your attention. Soooo.. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Love, Tien Yin

  14. I wish to get the Mickey mouse solar portable charger. The reason is I've been searching a cute yet useful printable charger for such a long time. And what I found are all not cute or mayb it's expensive. Besides that, some of the portable charger are not working very well. But I believe the Mickey portable charger that you're giving away must be great so that you will just intro for all your readers. :) Btw, I really hope can get the Mickey mouse portable charger. Merry Xmas and happy new year! :D

  15. Mickey mouse solar portable charger ! It has a creative design unlike those dull normall square size charger. Something i would like to carry along whenever i go and show in the public.Yo mickey yo so fun!

  16. I would like to have the Mickey mouse solar portable charger because it is very convenient to charge my phone when it ran out of battery. I used iphone 3gs and the battery drained faster than iphone 4. I had to bring my charger along whenever im going outside and hardly on my 3G connection.
    And Mickey was my favorite character from Disney, hahah. Merry X'mas.

  17. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013 to you, Povy! I love the pink hello kitty iphone case the most because I am a crazy fan of hello kitty and anything pink!

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  19. Bonjour Povy!!

    I'm Jeannie who is currently living in Nice,France!Being away from home for more than a year, this Christmas,it's my 3rd year with my boyfriend who is currently in M'sia. It's my 2nd year not being able to celebrate this special day with him. We could only communicate through Watsapp and Skype. Sadly, he always complains that his phone battery runs out very fast. So I hope that i can win Mickey Mouse solar portable charger!Furthermore,as an interior designer, he likes this kind of environmental friendly stuff as the charger uses solar energy to be charged up!I really wish that I could win it for him and give him a surprise since I didn't managed to offer him anything this year. Anyway, I follow your blog and your Instagram, you and your bf are really sweet!! ;) Cheers!!Merry X'mas & Happy New Year!

    Au revoir!

  20. Scanning... Scanning... Scanning... CANDY PLUGIN detected!

    No doubt that it looks super cute and adorable. That pinky one with colourful ribbon. TEEET! I'm a guy. Hanging it up on my phone will kinda look.. Emm.. Weird i guess. Haha. Well perhaps for my girl? TEEET! Since when did i have a girlfriend? Sigh, what a pathetic life.

    Scanning... Scanning... Scanning... HELLO KITTY IPHONE CASE detected!

    Awwww. I think i should let other girls win this. Yeah since hello kitty is their best friend. Mine is dragon ball. Have one? Haha just kidding. Plus, i don't even own an iphone. Sob sob sob. So once again, TEEET! Gosh what an annoying buzzer.

    Scanning... Scanning... Scanning... MICKEY MOUSE SOLAR PORTABLE CHARGER detected!

    Wink wink. At last, the perfect one. Even don't have a smartphone but i still need one for my tab! As mine is a cheap one, not an ipad for sure, the battery run out so fast.. Really fast.. Super fast.. Extremely fast! Ok enough, you got me right. Almost throw it on the wall when it just run out of power when i'm bursting with ideas to update my blog. If this keep happening, how can i be the next NUFFNANG BLOGGER OF THE MONTH like the gorgeous Povy? Haha please laugh at me. Eh what am i babbling here? Oh well, I want it! I want it! I want it! Crying on the floor..

    Mr Doctor (# O __________ O #)
    P/s : Am i the only guy around here?

  21. Mickey Mouse Solar Portable Charger is my pick! Despite its function which will bring convenience to us, whats more when it's red in colour and what?! Mickey! I have a thing over Mickey and red is definitely so hot!
    Never really tried any attempts in such giveaway-kind-contest, just trying my luck before the year of 2012 ends! Happy New Year anyway! :)

  22. i would like to get a candy pluggy do u wanna know why ? the pluggy is adorable and it is rainbow colour . it suit my phone perfectly , my phone is plain in colour if the i have the pluggy , the pluggy fpr sure will be the most attractive among all . at last pluggy is very expensive nowadays ,so i wish u , povy will give that to me :) xoxo

  23. Dear HueyShin,

    Congratulations in winning the Hello Kitty Iphone Case. Please give me your email, or directly directly email me your Mailing address at

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thanks <3

  24. Dear Mingming Goh,

    Congratulations in winning the Mickey Mouse Solar Portable Charger. Please give me your email, or directly directly email me your Mailing address at

    Thanks for supporting me all these while. <3

    Hope to hear from you soon.


  25. Dear Nicole Yie,

    Congratulations in winning the Candy Pluggy. Please give me your email, or directly directly email me your Mailing address at

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thanks <3

  26. Better dun take degree first... Degree not suitable for fresh graduate... Work like half year or one year den only take degree will be the better.... I skipped intern and straight take degree after graduate... I feel useless for me and I still have no idea what's going on outside the market... Degree only focus on paper work... Like report! A lot of reports to write! Hi there~ I'm Jose from raffles.

  27. Hello Povy I'm just know that I've won!!! Awww so happy. I've email you my address. Can't wait to receive the portable charger. Thank you so much!!!! <3

  28. Juz knew that I won the contest !!! So lucky !! Love ur blog very much ! �� Will always support you !!