Samsung Hello Kitty Super Sweet BFF Party

Monday, December 10, 2012

Ohaiyo Gozaimasta, japanese introduction to be more sweet to match with my Samsung Hello Kitty post. hehehehehe

Last Saturday as well as the first of December, Samsung Malaysia organized a Super Sweet BFF Party as the launching for Samsung GALAXY Y Hello Kitty Limited Edition in Malaysia. The party was held at GSC Pavilion

Something that can really drive me crazy with Hello Kitty all over. How time flies, it has been almost one year since my last visit to Kitty land ze Universal Studio in Japan(Here). You wouldn't know how much i love Hello Kitty ever since i came back, i literally got most of my goodies in pink and with Hello Kitty on it. They are too adorable. 

Thanks to Samsung Malaysia, i got the chance to experience Kitty land back in Malaysia, don't have to fly all the way to Japan again. Lol. Apart from that, thanks to Samsung for getting my BFF Nana and i two brand new Samsung GalaxyY Hello Kitty Limited Phone before the official launch. It was a great bonding tool for me and my BFF.

Well since now both of us have a BFF phone, how could i miss the chance to tag my BFF Nana along for Super Sweet BFF Party. Too bad luck wasn't on our side that day, we did not win the Best Dressed Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty Inspired outfits with our matching pink coordinates. But stilll we enjoyed the party, eveything was so pink! Can't wait to share with you guys. 

Let's roll with our Super Sweet BFF Party! 

Ohaiyo Meet my BFF Nana with Samsung GalaxyY Hello Kitty Limited Edition Phone on our hands <3

So this was how the pinky Kitty setting was like that day at the main entrance of GSC Pavilion. With Pink Balloon around that formed a Kitty Bow and it even comes with a PINK CARPET instead of Red. Sweet or not?

Matching Pink Coordinates with BFF Nana
Crop Top from Coupe De Robes
Black Leather Skirt from In House Fashion
Mini Polka Dot Kitty Bow Handbag from Universal Studio
Beige Pink Jelly Wedges from Bkk

With the girls, Ashley, Jane, Nana, Yours Truly & Nat

During the party, it was separated into different sections. All the BFFs get to play with many activities prepared by Samsung Malaysia. First they have cute Kitty food served, even their drinks are PINK!!! Next with severals Make Over sections such as Face Printing, Nail Printing, Tatoo Ink.. All these pampering sessions were also as an extra credits for girls to get themself pretty for Best Dressed later on.

Don't play play this cute little kitty phone has Android in it. I'm pretty happy with it's feature. Now i can have Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram on it. The best part is i get to keep in touch with my BFF whenever i want using ChatOn.

Discussing with BFF what to wear for our Super Sweet BFF Party. hehe

Met Audrey there too, two days after the Interview with Tim. Cheesie and her were judges for best dressed contest. Now i know why they ain't participating, cause if they did, how to compete with the rest worr?!! They will eventually beat everyone flat with their super cute Tutu Outfit!!! 

The Crowd

Noming on the super Sweet Mashmallow

Hair Make Over

Face Make Over. Oh dear look at this little boy he wants to turn into a Kitty too!! Kawaii Max!!

Ashley and her Kitty Tattoo Airbrush on her Clavical

BFF Nana getting her manicure done while waiting for me to get my face art

Our matching PINK kitty nails

And yours truly soon to get her face art done while waiting for BFF Nana

And can you see what's on my face now?

Apparently i did a Kitty Bow on the left side of my hair but i forgotten to snap an picture of it. Sigh!!
I tied it myself with only few steps. So sorry cannot share with you people now! Blame myself for my
carelessness!! >_______________<

After a while of dolling up and mingling, Jojo Struys taken the stage as an emcee and Mr. Vincent Chong the Head of Mobile Division, Samsung Malaysia Electronics was there to give a few words. 

Jojo Struys

Audrey and Cheesie were then invited to the stage for group picture judges for Best Dressed Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty Inspired outfits (Picture credit to

Some of the winners for Best dressed!! Congrats to the little girl!!

Samsung Super Sweet BFF Party ending with a quick fashion show with models presenting Sanrio Hello Kitty wear..

Check out her super cute Kitty bag!! 

Oppps and i found the Kitty Boy squatting, patiently enjoying the show by all the models

Meet Chenelle 

Meet Mandy and Casey, whom just won the best dressed with her super cute kitty look!

The Party ended right before the movie started. Samsung Malaysia was sweet enough to invite all of us to watch Rise of the Guardians in 3D! Nana, Jane and Ashley got to leave for another event. So i invited Candice who was there doing shopping alone for the movie with me. 

Hello Miss Aries Candice

Samsung even got each of us a complimentary Popcorn packed in a Hello Kitty box and a drink.

Last, ending this post with a picture with Cheesie and Audrey. So if you are a big fan of Hello Kitty?. Or ever want to meet both of them? Now with Samsung, you can stand a chance to visit Sanrio Hello Kitty Town and meeting both of them at the same time just by joining at the contest at Here.

Till then, it was a blast having with my BFF and all the HELLO KITTIESSSS!! <3


  1. wow, u attract me to buy this one. Is this can use wifi?

  2. Such an adorable event!! Hello Kitty is love :)