Where's The Party 3 | Hard Rock Hotel, Penang

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Carlsberg has raised their bar by hosting another outstanding party after the past two WTP two years back. The mystery event hones in on consumers’ natural fascination with the unknown and challenges the curiosity of those who are bold enough to step out of their comfort zone for greater excitement and rewards. The trademark characteristic of withholding key information on Where’s The Party keeps Carlsberg fans curious and looking hard for leads on the location, time and other party details.

Entering the third wave this year, Where's The Party this year is also their first ever 3-Nation at 1 Epic Party which saw 1200 guests, from Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore. An All expense paid 2 days 1 night event were fully sponsored by Carlsberg. A world class event with live Performances from international artists to several games going on.

Frankly speaking, it was my first time attending an Outdoor Party. Sad to say that because apparently i had cut down on clubbing and partying since last year. I just somehow dislike being in a massive crowd. Maybe i'm too old to party? I have no idea. Lol. However Where's The Party literally brought me to a whole new level of Partying. I enjoyed every single moment I'm more to a Kpop person but i'm starting to blend into the Electro, Hard trance Music were playing that night. Wouldn't mind to go any other outdoor parties now! :P

So yeah, let me show you how was the exclusive party going on?

The exclusive Where's The Party was held two weeks ago. All we got to know the secret location was in Penang in fact it was actually told few days before the event though. The day began pretty early on a Saturday morning, we gathered at Shah Alam Brewery for pre-registration before heading to the meeting point in Penang. We also had our breakfast there. For one second i felt like having beer in the morning when i was surrounded by tons of Carlsberg. Oh god how could a beer lover like me have yet to resist all the temptations. Please kill me!

Vroom Vroom off we go to North with Nana & Jane

Lunch was provided through the Journey. My favorite goes to Salmon On Salad. Om Nom Nom

After 6 hours of journey back, we finally arrived at MY HOMETOWN, the pearl of the Orient – Penang. Well, sadly it took a lot longer than usual because of the public holiday. It normally only takes 4 hours ride to arrive.

Partygoers gathered at Queensbay Mall Open Carpark before boarding their respective buses to the hotel where they were greeted by a welcome crew of hostesses and percussionists. The first thing i did was certainly meet up with my Plus One, Miss Anerly. Felt so bad for her as she waited alone and for quite some time while waiting for our arrival. :(

Carlsberg provided Ice Cream while we were queuing to get our final registration done. Something chilly under the hot weather.

Then, all of us were transported on an epic crusade once we were done with our registration. I guess by now most of the guests are making guesses on Where's The Party, definitely a place by the Beach. So instead of using the same old way of passing by Georgetown to the other side of the island. The bus drove us from the other way round, which actually go behind the island from Balik Pulau to Teluk Bahang. It was my first time using these way even i'm a local. However it didn't bore me throughout the journey with all the winding yet narrow roads, ensuring the experience remains indeed extraordinary.

Arrived at our destination, Bayview Beach Resort around late evening. Luckily we have gotten our registration and pre-check in done earlier. We then quickly rushed to our room to get ready for party at night.

High Ceiling Lobby surrounded by hotel rooms

Greeted by the thoughtful Carlsberg with a Carlsberg goodie bag containing Carlsberg printed Bandana, Pestle & Mortar T-shirt, Funky Glasses in Pink & a pair of Flip flops

Spacious Bathroom with two shower area

My Daytime Coordinates:
Aztec Top from Melbourne
Colorful Mini Skull Shorts from Singapore
Nude Pink Sandals from Tangs Studio

Took a picture of my what i wore. Well prepared for a beach look as i thought i would have the chance to pay the beach a visit. But Nayyyy we were late. T____________T

I heard that severals games were going on before the party started such as beach volley ball, a tug-of-wat zone and a limbo-rock area occupied invitees and so. DJs were playing there ripping chill-out house anthems, building the momentum for the main party zone. Sounds cool, right? Such a waste that I wasn’t there earlier.

Done dolling and ready for Party.

Selca with my plus one/roomates before heading out

Where's The Party now officially announced at Hard Rock Hotel's Beachfront which is why we were staying at Bayview Beach Resort the next door. Just a walking distance from where the party was. It was really cool!

There were several sections located along the beach, from Stage, Party Zone, ChillOut Zone to Food Zone. We went to the Food zone without any hesitation. Certainly we have to get our stomachs filled before drinking some Ice Cold Carlsberg and partying all night long. Not forgetting my favorite quote recently, Never drink with an empty stomach! Haha

All the food was catered by Eden
So happy to have all the Penang local food here, feels so homey!

Anerly with Char Koay Teow

Yours truly with her favorite O-Chien(Fried Oyster)

Jane with Ice Kasang

Ok Nana went missing, must be hunting for some yummy food!!

And guess what we found here in Penang? It's a iDarts Machine!! Carlsberg not only brought us live performances but live entertainment too! Bravo!

Bloggers doing their job on posing/taking picture

Yours Truly concentrating/focusing on iDarts.. Lol

Meet this Cute couple Leonard & Shinyee

Aha Our turn to pose with the darts

Also Met this lovely couple, Anson & Karen

Meet my dear JaneSchwan from MHB

How could we just eat and play for all night long without enjoy the live performances? Carlsberg also brought a series live performances by international artist all the way from Hongkong, Korea, Japan, America, France etc. However i enjoyed partying and I have to say the deck with a massive LED paneled stage was awesome, the central zone was outlined with a flow of streaking, spinning colors and a dance'cage' in the middle of it all.

One of my favorite Hong Kong artist, Edmund Leong

I love the rest of the Big4 members as well. hehe

Love Cubic, some korean female group who tend to imitate other singer's song.

Twilight something, can't really see from far.
I guess i shall name it as Twiling Sparkle from My little Pony. Lol

Kelis who sang Milkshake!

Ooops are we missing something important? Yes, it's the Ice Cold Carlsberg Beer!!!

Meet CaseyChammaine

Meet Miss Dan Dan from Penang

Meet Christer who was kind enough to drive us to La Mei Zi for supper after the party. Thank you so much! <3

And guess what's next? Shades on and do the party style!

Not forgetting the party toy, glowing sticks!

Nuffies Darren & Superstar Leonard
Such a priceless expression! LOLOLOLOL

Happened to meet this couple from Hongkong, Candy Vicky
They are getting married beginning of next year, Congratulations to the love birds!

Last but not least, a coordinate picture of mine.

My Party Coordinates of the night:
Twin Unicorn Tank Top from Singapore
Black Highwaist Short from Topshop
Issey Miyake Bao Bao Bag

The night ended on an astronomical level as we made our way back to our respective rooms after the party of course after drinking responsibly. This year Where’s The Party is making yet another experience an epic one with the most entertaining parties.

Till then, it was a such a blast. Looking forward to WTP4 next year! Singing off with a picture of me and Plus One/Roomates Miss Anerly.

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