November baby | Happy Sze's Day ♥

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Birthday shout out to my little darling Teh Sze Sze aka Babyboo
It's your big day today, so sorry we couldn't make it to celebrate with you for this year.
Years by years, days by days, we never missed each other's birthday.
We used to celebrate every single birthdays; yours, mine, Vivian's and Jane's.
Though distance has set all of us apart, at different country with different timezone.
But it will never set our heart apart. Wingeez is always there no matter what.
We will always be there for you, and like what Jane said, we're just a call away.
Just like how we did our group skyping, sharing with lots of laughter, not forgetting missing each other.

As a scorpion, you're considered as one of the hypnotizing signs amongst all zodiac signs. The eyes of a scorpion are the most attractive of all. You understand the real world and know the art of self- control. A scorpion has tough look outside but inside they have a delicate heart filled with emotions and feelings. You succeed in hiding their emotions. But you can always share with us. It is very difficult to predict a scorpion. We know you as Scorpion is straight forward and will never compliment unless they are amazed.

My dear Sze sze, I'm glad to know you for 10 years. From primary, secondary, college and still counting.
You're the youngest among all of us. (Certainly we re not that old, just one year difference)
But we always see you like our little sister, look after you and take care of you.
No matter how far we apart, we will always see you like the stars on the sky, shine up high and bright.
Have a wonderful and blessed birthday. We love you, W i n g e e z for life. x

Alright, photo booth spamming time! Something never reveal from our silly inner beast when we last met.
Something similar to What happens during Fullmoon two years back.. Enjoy! ℒℴѵℯ 

I miss you so much. See you in December. 


  1. So cute! Oh my god! it made my day! I miss you girls so much :/

  2. Leafy - I miss you so much too!! SKYPEEEEEEE! <3