Japan Winter Homestay ✈ #4 | Ski Breeze

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Time passes in a blink of eye, Christmas is one month away from now. Oh dear, one more month to a year for my Japan winter home stay last year. Everything seems like what happened yesterday. 

However i realized i have plenty of pictures have yet to post for my Japan Winter Homestay. I think i can blog for another 10 years just by the amount of pictures i took throughout the entire trip. I kid you not seriously! (If only you readers won't get bored of reading. Lol) In fact most of them were basically the same, repeating similar activities almost everyday, apart from moving to a new host family, meeting different friendly japanese, exploring other states in Japan(Sadly no Tokyo), looking for new Hello Kitty goods, trying out new delicious Japanese food, visiting different shrines, buying new lucky charms and forth.

So i decided to cut those off and blog about something interesting. A Photo Diary cum Travel Diary for my 2 days 1 night Ski trip at Muraoka.

I love winter, i love snow, and i definitely love ski. It wasn't my first time ski experience. In fact it was my second time, the first time was 8 years back when i was in Korea for a family trip. I was way too young before that, hence i was not allowed to try skiing from high slopes. So how could i miss ski during winter?! Apparently not many of our Leo Members were in these ski team, only the 3 of us, Me, Bella and Stanley.  The best part was all covered by our Lion Hosts. I heard it's quite pricey to ski in Japan. Bloody Lucky Us! Hehehehehe

I'm not a sport person but i love ski. It was so much fun and by far the best sports to me although ski is consider as one of the most dangerous sports. Well i love it because ski is held under the cold weather which makes everything a super plus point when Malaysia is hot 24/7. Lol. Not forgetting surrounded by truckloads of snow, it's really soft and you can see snowflakes form when it falls on your hand! Such an amazing experience! Did i mention i was sweating like a cow inside my ski suit? Yes it did even around 0 degree or much lower. Buuuu

Well, imma gonna let all the pictures do the talking. My adventurous ski trip starts now. Enjoy x

- Day 1 -

Yours truly with her Happy Pink Ski Suit, Pink Slipper & Pink IPhone Case. So much of pink, so much of Love <3

My stay at Sasaya, Mini Ski Resort owned by one of our Lion Host! Hence FREE ACCOMMODATION!!

Stanley carrying my little Pinky! Thanks buddy! HAHAHAHAHA

Some street photos with deck of snow

You can see PINK BUILDING everywhere in Japan and yet it doesn't look gay seriously! Mad love with this land!

My sharing room with Bella for the night.

View from my room, it was having a bad snowing that time

I see Narnia scene, where's my secret door from the Narnia wardrobe?! So i could stay here forever! Lol

After we got our luggage and refreshment, time to get our ski suit and ski gear on.

Yours truly putting on her ski suit

Ok time to go!!

Arrived at Hachi-Kita.
The ski area has various slopes that are suitable for beginners to advanced skiers, and includes a kidsユ area. Hachi Kogen has the most interesting courses and the best snow conditions. Its half-pipe (length: 100 meters, incline: 15 degrees) is the only one with official recognition of JSBA (Japan Snowboarding Association) in West Japan, and it attracts a large number of snowboarders. Source

Arrived at the Ski Lift Station (Ski lift refers to the cable transport that carries skiers up the hill). It was snowing heavily that day, added a bit of excitement. Wuuuuhoooooo

Bella in front my ski lift.

On the way up the hill. Free of crowds with the higher runs, the steeper and curvier. Blessed.

Aha, Selca time before i reached the hilltop. 

My hand was actually freezing but die die removed the glove just to SELCA! LOL

Wheeeeeee after 20 minutes ride, arrived at the Beginner Zone. The minute i touch down, i already saw many people happily skiing below me!

Spotted some kids learning skii too. They looked so cute with those ski suit on. 

Shy Baby Boy. Kawaii

Time to put on my glove and ski board.

My happy host papas. They are old but young in heart!! Ichiban!!

Caught Stanley and Bella Skiing down the slope.

Had the best Suki yaki in Japan for dinner that night. It felt so warm to have something hot under the super cold weather. Yuuums!

- Day 2 -

Did a short interview with some local reporter before we start off our ski the next morning.

Muraoka Lions Club is the best!! <3

Since it was my second day as well as last day before leaving Hachi Kita Ski Land, My coach was kind enough to let me try on something more challenging. He brought me up to the Advance Zone of the Ski Land. Well it wasn't as cool as i first thought. I used to think skiing on the Beginner Zone was boring. Not until i accidentally hit on a lady. The accident just happened when i lose control skiing down the slope. Luckily nothing happened to her nor me. Guess what i was thinking that time, it's either i bang somebody or i bang those houses below. Thank god i bang someone else. Otherwise that's gonna leave me a bad bad memory after ski. Lol. 

However i still managed to ski from Advance Zone with slower speed, no accident happened this time. Yay! Frankly speaking it was quite scary when you see the white sea covered by layers of snow with tiny people all over, not to mention after you had phobia of speeding. Lesson learned anyway.

Tired of Skiing, made a snowman out of boredom.

Some silly pictures before we left this pretty white land!! 

I could sleep on this peaceful snowy land FOREVER!!

After two days of exhaustion, headed back to my host family side and she was so nice to bring me to onsen(hot spring), such a relaxation. That's all for now. P
ardon for the lengthy post and hope you guys enjoy my ski trip. How i missed skiing now, if only i could ski every winter from this year onwards. Pure dreaming. Laughs! 

Till then, enjoy your weekend. x


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