Private Dinner on Emerald Bay, PLR

Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday has never blue for this semester, when i have only two days of class on every Thursday and Friday. It literally extends my weekend after Sunday, and here comes my long weekend beginning of every week. Hopefully it does the same to my next two semesters before i graduate.

Blogging on my stress-free Monday indeed a great way to kick off my last week of November. Can't wait for December to come, a little surprise coming up for my blog, so stay tuned readers. :)

Well speaking of which, i have numerous of travel and event post pending, but iPhoto just died on me, i have no freaking idea WHY. Restart my Mac for several times but it doesn't seem to be working at all! I want all my pictures back! Please at least spare me some to blog and post on Facebook album at the meantime?! #siensation

Thank god, i have uploaded some pictures earlier for my anniversary post because some readers requested on what kind of surprise i got during my anniversary trip. I guess procrastination helped this time. :)

So on the second day of my trip, we went for a Jungle Trekking in the morning, covering half of the Pangkor Laut island and also sun bathing at Emerald Bay before our lunch. Fully utilized of our day time. After that, we quickly went back to our hotel before evening, washed up and changed for our anniversary dinner later on.

Boyf told me, he made a reservation for our anniversary dinner on Saturday night. But he didn't tell me it was a private dinner by Emerald Bay. Before that, he just brought me to Emerald Bay because it has the nicest view to catch the best sunset on the entire island. Apparently i have seen quite a few of sunsets in Penang, but i have never seen such a romantic one like these. I could say it was the best sunset by far. Thank you love for bringing me there, and of course my persistency of dying to catch at least one Sunset or Sunrise before we left. Hehe

While waiting for the sunset...

Waited for 20 minutes and we saw the shinning yolk of the sun, slowly going down...

My best and romantic sunset ever!!! <3

After the sunset, i thought we were suppose to leave Emerald Bay to Fisherman's Cove for fine dining. However boyf stopped me and walked me to Chapman's Bar. And guest what i saw? A heart shape dinner setting by the beach, in front of Chapman's Bar. Then it goes to my surprise dinner prepared by him. :)

It was my first time having a private dinner by the beach. I was impressed by the lovely table setting nicely decorated by rose petals, from the setting surrounding the table that formed a heart shape to the setting on the table. Flowers, Rose petals, Candles, creating a romantic ambience. Not mentioning, we were told it was only four person on Emerald Bay that night, which was me, boyf, the waiter and the chef, turning out an extraordinary memorable dinner for us.

Lovely setting <3

The waiter was so nice to offer us help on taking all the pictures on that night.

The dinner was served by the chef from Fisherman's Cove(Fine Dine Restaurant in the island). He normally comes over to Emerald Bay when customer request for a private dinner. 

Hereby the list of the food we had that night:

Fresh fruits cocktail

Amuse Bosche - Barbecue Shrimp with tomato salt and rise base 

Can you see how big the size of the shrimp was, definitely bigger than my mouth. Lol

Followed up with Caesar Salad.

Bubu Boyf Nom nom time!

Tomyum Chicken Soup in Coconut Shell. Indeed special with a mixture of local delights.

digging on the super soft after-cooked Coconut meat.

Complimentary Coconut Juice

What more i could ask for?

Another fresh seafood came after the soup, Grilled Tiger Prawn.

Picture time while waiting for the next food to be served...

Our main course came right after 3 to 4 dishes we had. Beef for him, and Dory fish for me. Last one goes to Triple Care Fruit Salad.

Tropical Sensation

Boyf also took a picture with the helpful waiter and chef. The other two men on Emerald Bay that night. Haha

Polaroid pictures resembling our memorable first anniversary <3

Thank you for everything you have done to me throughout the year. <3

Walked around the beach after our dinner. Such a quiet beach with nobody else but only him, it's my private beach now! :P

Till then, looking forward to our next anniversary for the coming years. Love you more and more, day by day. I'm glad to have you, my bubu love.


  1. OMG! Such a sweet coupleee! Stay sweet foreverr!
    may i ask you any place recommended to go in PENANG? im going there for trip with friends :) Any clubbing place? any nice place? do u recommend us to drive there or take bus?

  2. May i know what camera are u using for all the photo above? Such a romantic anni you have !!

  3. Such a memorable and romantic anniversary!! POVY so hangfuk ah!!!!! *touchy*
    Guess no one will do that to me. ='[

  4. Stay sweet POVY!

    Ahhhhh~SO jelly! <3

  5. so sweet! love your dress and flowers in your hair!