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Friday, October 19, 2012

Hey dear readers, just a quick post. The main and the only purpose of this post is to announce that i have finally decided to keep a record of blog journal from now on. So apart from my blog, (apparently what you're reading now) I created a Facebook Page for those who appreciates it.

Please show me some love by giving me a LIKE on my Blog Page. Your like is much appreciated. :)

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For those who want to know more about my up to date daily life. You can follow my twitter and Instagram at @povyteng. Feel free to talk to me, i don't bite! :P

I'm currently busy doing my video rendering, time for revive my Youtube Channel - Povyteng. (You may start to subscribe my channel now while waiting for my video but don't worry i'm sure every of them will be good. At least i try to make them to the best. *finger crossed*) So guess what i will be posting right up next? Or maybe i should ask, what do you expect from me? Any video you have in mind? Make up Tutorial? Daily Skincare? Outfit Coordinates? Hair Tutorial? Well, you tell me! :)

So here's one of the Video i did two years back, the one and only video in my youtube channel. In fact I was so surprised that this video actually hit 11,000+ hits when i somewhat forgotten about it's existence. Must be courtesy of Edison Chen. Lol.

Anyway, still enjoy my video. It was recorded by my previous camera Lumix LX3, editing and everything all done by me. I'm so proud of myself, of course many thanks to Mac's iMovie. I couldn't imagine how things work without it.

Are able to you spot me in it? Well we were simply lucky, manage to meet with Edison Chen 陈冠希 and 陈汉典 at 康熙来了 Mr con. & Ms. Csi Tv show. What eventually made our Taiwan trip till the fullness. :)

Wait wait wait, wait a minute!

Dahhhhh, thought of keeping a secret and create a big bomb till i done fully render all the videos i recorded during the concert i recently attended.

However, the minute i done uploading to Youtube, seriously can't help but to make this ALIVE, just like how Bigbang Alive Tour!! LOL. Desperately wants to share this with you guys, my first Youtube Video for this year. Enjoy & more to come about Big bang Alive Tour! Stay tuned! I repeat again, will definitely be posting them before the one in Malaysia. Such an evil & loser me, i know! :P

Till then, Goodnight earthlings.x


  1. can you please post up some hair and skin tutorials ? :) like your daily hair routine and ur skincare routine ? :D i would love to see it.your hair is so smooth and silky while your skin is so flawless =D you're so pretty,Povy!

  2. Chaw Siew Ling - Thanks alot for your compliment, you really made my day. <3 Will keep it in mind now. But one Vlog coming real soon. Stay tuned alright? :)