Panasonic Beauty | Beauty of Empowerment Launch

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Few days ago i was invited to Panasonic Beauty Care Product Launch at Ruby Ballroom, One World Hotel, Bandar Utama. Thank you Blup-Blup for the fabulous invites again to Panasonic True Beauty, last year and Panasonic Beauty of Empowerment, this year. 

Coordinates of the night :
Baby Pink Maxi Dress from Le Mode Maison | Black Statement Necklace from New Look, Sg | Black Dior Clutch

Panasonic Beauty - Beauty of Empowerment. Stay beautiful while keeping up with active and bust lifestyles with Panasonic Beauty products

First picture with the bloggers with some funky Props on. 
Oh well hardly see my Furry Princess Tiara here.

As you all know, Women are holding half of the sky these days. Asian Women are positive, optimistic, active, keep in shape, educated, sociable and sophisticated. So with the more women consumer needs these days, Panasonic is running a whole new range of beauty solutions just for us women.

Once we entered the ballroom, there were sections of product displaying with the Panasonic Models. Panasonic launched their new campaign, Beauty of Empowerment. Introducing the range of beauty solutions from Hair Care, Face Care, Body Care to Oral Care. Panasonic products are designed and developed to meet the aspirations of women, in line with their modern lifestyles. The Nanocare Hair Dryer, Compact Multi-Hair Straighterner, Face-Hair loonier, Facial Roller, Nanocare Facial Ionic Steamer, Pore Cleanser, Eyelash Curler, Body Shaver, Nail Care and Pocket Doltz Toothbrush will be available starting this October all over in Malaysia.

Me trying out the Facial Roller that imitates the rhythmic hand massage technique of professional estheticians. Something good for people who have chubby cheeks like me T_____T

As soon as we proceed into the hall, we happened to come across several booths that readily to develope and transform to meet the aspirations of women. All the girls on that night get to do their hair, nails, eyelashes and so before the launch for FREE! Since my hair was tied up as i was having a bad hair day earlier on, why not letting Panasonic Beauty to help me out a little? :)

Candid indeed. (Picture credit to Smashpop)

Meet Daniel.
Coincidentally met one of the Penangites that night who used to work in Penang but recently moved down to KL.

My outcome, Natural Curl Wavvy hair done by Panasonic Multi Straightener
Anyway super in love with their dressing table, Burlesques theme alike!

Before the launch officially started, all the guests were invited to have some dinner prepared by One World Hotel. Next, the open ceremony began with Managing director Mr. Jeff Lee , Hiro Yoshi Suga, Jonathan Ang, and Kazuteru Tomachi. Followed up with the catwalk show by models showing off the new Panasonic Beauty products on their hands, one by one. The show ended with Panasonic Malaysia ambassadorMarion Caunter.

Gorgeous Marion in her Pink Dress with the super matching pink hair dryer on her hand

Naomi, Bell and i while watching the catwalk show

Met the Local Celebrity Suki

Group photo with all the bloggers that night :

 Last, a photo with Panasonic ambassador Marion before i call it a day.

Till then, for more information about their products, do check out Panasonic Facebook Page or log into their website.

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