Casio EX-JE10 Review | Toy Camera visits Sleeping Buddha

Monday, October 29, 2012

I have been using JE10 for more than a month, if you ask me what is my favorite feature in this camera, Make up mode is of course my first option and guess what is next? The Cute Artsy Toy Camera that creates photos with a vague focus such as a toy camera might take with slightly dark border around the picture. 
ART SHOT is an individualistic photographs can be taken with ease. JE10's ART SHOT offers a choice of eight artistic effects that alter the stylistic impression of your photos. You can create unique expressions easily without processing the images on a PC.

Every picture tells a story but what makes a picture looks interesting in every way? With Toy Camera effect, every picture literally comes with an extraordinary story now. 

So last month, my boyf and i went back to Penang for a wedding dinner as i mentioned earlier. So the next day before he went back to KL, Boyf randomly came across this Sleeping Buddha Temple somewhere near my house. Paid a short visit, walked around like a tourist with le boyf.

Sunday Afternoon Chilling at Winter Warmers since le boyf haven't been to any Winter Warmers restaurant in KL but in Penang. Lol.

Well, someone has been complaining not any recent blogpost related to him, so yeah here's one on behalf! <3

Slightly different Cartoon Skin Tone!! 

One of the Tourist Attraction in Penang - Sleeping Buddha Temple also known as Reclining Buddha temple (Wat Chayamangkalaram in Thai). This temple is a Thai Temple which was built in 1845 on the land granded by Queen Victoria. The Temple has one of the largest Reclining Buddha in the world. The Statue is Gold plated and measuring 33 meters in length

Till then for my artsy post, will update more about JE10. A Nom-nom Food Post Maybe? 

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