Casio EX-JE10 Review | Make-up Mode

Monday, October 15, 2012

I bet most of you have seen my new toy, yes the pink camera - Casio EX-JE10. For those who have not, i spare you some time now to check out my previous post here, as well as my first review for EX-JE10.


The new EX-JE10 compact digital camera is equipped with a powerful 16.1 megapixel CCD and a 26mm wide-angle lens with a 5x optical zoom. It comes packed with advanced features including Casio's Premium AUTO function, which automatically analyzes the shooting scene to choose the best settings and performs image processing. It also features a cute design expected to appeal to women. It has several cool features include Make-up Function for making people's faces look their beautiful best, and ART SHOT, which offers eight different effects for creating artistic photos, such as fisheye and toy camera effects.

The EX-JE10 also departs from conventional digital cameras with its sleek compact body and attractively curved lines. (Ok which i have shown in my previous post here at The Wanted World Tour.) Each camera includes a matching Camera Jacket with shoulder strap for slinging the camera over the shoulder or hanging it around the neck. The jacket is designed to enable users to snap photos at a moment's notice without even removing the camera. Fanciness and convenient for every girls.

However it's kinda disappointing when the fancy design doesn't express the picture as the outlook does. Don't you realise pretty camera and picture don't always come true together. Now with Casio cameras all your best efforts of your skin that might look pale, pores that cannot be concealed, your cheeks a tad too rosy or what so ever, everything can be solved now. You can instantly transform your appearance to one of airbrushed perfection has gone on sale. 

So today i would like to introduce one of the best feature of this camera, the brilliant Make-up ModeThe EX-JE10 features a 'make-up mode' which uses simple technical tricks to smooth skin, enhance cheekbones and illuminate eyes. Something cool for girls, where you can look pretty without make up; of course you will look more stunning if you already put your make up on. 

Make-Up Mode is a face recognition and automatic focus and exposure adjustment, Make-up mode applies effects to smooth skin and soften facial shadows caused by bright light, creating beautiful photographs of people’s faces. Make-up Mode Ensures Every Face Looks Great.

Excited about how this amazing Make-up mode can be? Let's start off with my selca picture without Make-Up mode, but of course with make up on. Lol.

Posing next to the natural light

*zoom zoom zoom*

Oooops, unhappy with the little fine lines under my eyes.

Make-up Mode ON 
*where the magic begins * 

Porcelain doll Wannabe Now ?

Extra flawless maybe!?

Love-Hate relationship with my high cheek bone. i don't know why!

Well not much difference from the pictures above, so yeah here's one comparison for the Before and After Make-Up Mode.

Anyway i discovered a special way to make you look better even with the Make-Up Mode on. Just simply switch on the flash whenever you try to do a self portraits. You will see glowing effect on your face. 

As though my skin is shinning now. 

By the way, if you find Make-Up Mode is not satisfy you needs, you can try out Soft Focus as well. Soft Focus is even more amazing. For girls who like to look fair, angelic and FLAWLESS, this is the feature you will like the most! 

My red dip dyed looks much softer now! 

Overall with Casio's special feature nothing that can't be done in Adobe Photoshop, but it does it quickly in camera with several simple function. It could save you hours in front of the mirror just to make you look better. Isn't this amazing? :) 

For those who are interested with this camera, do visit and like Casio Exilim Malaysia's Facebook Page and Twitter to find out more on their latest Casio cameras.

Anyway here's a contest for those who are interested with Casio Exilim Cameras. Just by joining Casio Exilim Pink Beauty Contest, you may stand a chance to win our latest new cameras for Casio Ex-JE10, Casio EX-N10 or Casio EX-N1!

Well, there's so much more to explore with this camera, will be back with more photos and some new features. Till then, here's my last selca with my typical bunny ear. Signing off now! x


  1. May i know what brand of eye lashes you wore?where can i get it? it's so natural!!

  2. ✿Jace✿ - Thanks

    Fer Haru - It's really sweet! :)

    bendan - Sup yo babe? ;)

    Pixie Bommie - I'm wearing Gong Zhu Pai Eyelashes.

  3. Thanks for the details and beautiful pictures. I have a question about self portrait pose, will you be able to look at yourself when take picture? I notice there isn't a screen/mirror attached to the front of camera. Thanks, -tram