Beauty Diary : [Review] Hermo Beauty Collection

Friday, October 05, 2012

I just came back from Singapore recently. Not to say i travel a lot lately but with less than 5 hours sleep every night, my skin immediately turn into downpour. From the first day, we went for a morning swim in MBS, then followed up with spending one whole crazy day at Universal Studio Singapore, not forgetting we partied all night long after that. All the hectic activities in and out literally dehydrates my skin so badly.

However thanks to Hermo's masks i see savior coming to me now. They just came in the right time once i'm back from trip. So today i'm trying out one of their Arbuntin Whitening Mask in HerMask Zone. Hopefully it helps me to get back a better skin complexion. Seriously those bad complexion can really annoys at time.

Arburtin Whitening Mask by My Scheming

Pardon my i-don't-know-what expression. It was my first time trying on My Scheming Mask, i used to hear those masks were bad as they are selling in lower price. However HerMask Zone proves me real wrong. 

My Scheming Mask is like typical facial mask, it comes in white and very watery. It was first folded with a silver lining layer(to maintain the extract of it) when i took it out from the mask pack. I love how the mask works on my face, soft, slightly cool yet moisture at the mean time. It was so comfortable and relaxing that i literally fell asleep on my couch while i was applying my mask. Luckily sister woke me up, but i wouldn't mind letting it on as my beauty sleep though. lol. Over all, my Scheming Mask is really nice to those lazy people like me. Will definitely try out the other series of masks in HerMask Zone. This time i will go for something with hydration. :)

With this super cool mask combination box. You’re no longer restricted to purchase just a single type of mask of a single brand when you can customize your very own 10 different in  Mask Box.

Hermo 3

Besides that, there's a complimentary BIOTERM White D-TOX brightening micro scrub cleanser. You can see how whitening has been one of my main factor when it comes to beauty.

I first stumble upon this cool website when i was random discovery for online buying sites. Frankly speaking I hardly do online shopping but this really caught my eyes with its concept and the reductions of up to 20%- 40% off the market price for their featured cosmetic and skin care product.

Hermo is a group buying website where periodically promote a few ten types of discounted items for sale and aim to attract massive quantities of order. 

Hermo serves as like a platform between all individual ladies and distributors/ oversea brand suppliers. There is no redemption required and they will post your purchase to you with a RM2 shipping charges and Buy 2 Free shipping policy.

They do have everything from make-up, body care, skincare, set item to perfume

Here are some screenshots of a few items that i think they would be worth for a buy. So why not get it from Hermo when you can save a lot more and go for other skin care at the mean time.

Hermo believes beauty can be easier and attained affordably. Let’s enjoy being beautiful – with a well managed provider, financially. So yeah, I'm here to spread this out with all the ladies, you can also like Hermo Facebook or for their daily updates on the hottest deal!


  1. wow my mask stock is soon to be this combination mask will be great! as i love varieties...i do not stay loyal to one product..i luv trying out..

  2. Cindy - Yes HerMask Zone combination is really good, pretty convenient for people like you who like to try something new. ;)