My favorite boy, Baby Lincoln ♥

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Good Morning Sunday, not forgetting Selamat Hari Malaysia to all Malaysians! Yay cuti-cuti, here comes tomorrow a Public Holiday! 

As for today is Sunday, i supposed Sunday to be a Funday(Like this Haha). Well just feel like sharing what i have been obsessed with lately. It's Lincoln Paul Lambert, Korean-American!! Sorry boyf, so sad to tell you that i'm so into this pretty boy now! (He actually got so paranoid last night when i was watching his video clips over and over again). Aha you guys must be wondering who is this Lincoln!!!

Taaaaaadaaaaah! So he is my favorite boy - Lincoln Paul Lambert! 

Such a cutie pie <3

As you know i'm big fan of KPop, super madly into Korean Drama, Korean Music even Korean TV Show(Sometimes). Korean Fever most of the times. Lol. Not to mention because of my Korean-obsession, I'm going down to Singapore end of this month just for Big Bang Alive Tour. That's gonna be my first Korean Concert, and also the rockest concert ever(I assume) for my past twenty years! Yes Please No Jelly ok? I will die die 'gush' to the front row(The reason why i bought Rock Zone Ticket :p ) and get you readers Big Bang Faces alright? I will try my best get to get that blogpost done before their Alive Tour in Malaysia! (Thinking of blogging in a month time. *Rolls eyes*) Anyway counting down the days, 11 days to go! *Tick Tock Tick Tock*

I guess i dragged too far, slightly out of topic, from Lincoln to .... Er Big Bang?! 

If you guys ever watch this Korean Tv Show - Star King. You will definitely who he is!

He is Korean Youngest Magician!!!

Don't you think he's so adorable!!? That part was recorded last year, when he was 4! He's currently 5!! Check out the clip below, If you have not watch it!! (So you better watch now! *Cockstare* )

So last year, Lincoln and a few Korean babies were stars in TvN's Real Kids Story Rainbow. I didn't know about this Tv Show, until i came across one of those Korean Website. Seriously couldn't resist with his cuteness! Have been watching his short clip over and over again though i don't understand a single shit of Korean(couldn't find a proper clip with subtitles, Thats why!), exclude those basics like Anyeong Haseyo, Saranghaeyo.. (Maybe i should go for a Korean Lesson, who knows i might meet Lincoln one day!? *Pure dreaming*) However i'm still happily in love with it! He's driving me crazy now! I must die die watch Real Kids Story Rainbow after next week(After i complete my Assignment first), from the first episode.

Real Kids Story Rainbow

Check out how the way he talks, he smiles and plays around, melts my heart for million times! <3
FYI, that's his American Daddy! 

One of Lincoln's video crossed over with SNSD TaeyeonAs Lincoln is a Soshi fanboy and he likes Taeyeon noona the most. 

Ok, last will be my mini Lincoln diary! 

Aside from Lincoln, I'm here introducing some of the cute babies from Real Kids Story Rainbow. This is Aleyna Yilmazwho is the latest buzz as ‘Little Lee Min Jung.’ (The girl who stars as Lee Min Ho's Rich Girlfriend in Boys Over Flower many years back)

& this is Daniel Hyunoo Lachapelle, also known as 'Baby Nichkhun'. 

Tata, Fighto time for assignment! (I know i shouldn't be here. Lol) Do come back my blog again later tonight for my scheduled post. Stay tuned for my Beauty Diary! Till then. Have a wonderful week ahead! x


  1. Lincoln! <3 omg I can't stop watching the clip

  2. I love this boy too! my fav boy! want babies like him! too cute! :D <3