I'm Back!

Monday, October 01, 2012

Guess where have i been for the past few days!?

I went down to South just for BIG BANG ALIVE TOUR in Singapore Indoor Stadium. Bigbang has been my favorite korean group ever since Haru Haru! I swear to myself, I will attend their concert at least once in my lifetime!

The concert was amazing and the crowd was mad! Even me myself went crazy when i heard they sang the opening song, Tonight! I got a pair of Rock Zone tickets for sister and i. We were seated at standing pen, that's also the only way you get to see your idol at the nearest distance! We were really closed, just a meter from the stage! I kid you not!

So yeah here's a sneak peak of the concert! Picture was taken by my iphone! It turned out to be surprisingly clear! Please don't jelly!

I <3 T.O.P !!!

Anyway i recorded a video right before the concert ended(whereby the most exciting part throughout the entire concert) as well. Stay tuned for more BIGBANG ALIVE TOUR's updates and video! Will definitely blog before the one in Malaysia! Evil Me! HAHAHAHAHA

Chaoz! Pending blogpost coming up real soon!

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