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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ooops You cannot see me for the past few days?! :O

playing with my camera's build-in effect - Partial Blue! Sony Nex filter is awesome! 

Sorry for MIA, i personally privatized my blog as i was working on blog template. I always wanted my blog template to look more 'professional', instead of the Oh-so-blogger-templates. But i loved how simple and easy of blogger, and yet i was tied up with blogger domain. So yah, i'm not able to switch to Wordpress anytime soon till my contract ends.

However i was lucky to came across one random side with several Blogger's blog templates that doesn't cost me any single cent. After few days of working on them, all alone myself. It's finally DONE now. Can you see it's a pretty simple with white and pink(my favorite color Pink). Not forgetting i did some changes on my sidebars as well, instead of the placing them on left, i moved it to the right side. Nothing much about this templates, simply loving the title of the date and block quote. :) is back with new skin

P/s: due to some technical problem, some text gone missing at the end of the side bar. I'm still trying very hard to work on it. Just let alone that matter and enjoy with my new skin at the mean time alright?.

Last, here are one of my favorite song lately, one real sad love song. Please note, not any personally feeling involved regardless this sad song. Le Princess is still living happily in her crib and lovey dovey with le boyf. :)

Till then, going to Pavilion in a bit with le boyf. Can't wait to carry my pink bag home with me, thanks to Parkson 500 cash voucher by Viva La Diva(should have spend all of them yesterday, guilty max)! I'm so excited that i finally found a bag that comes in baby pink! Pink goods is always something to die for! Oh well, the wants for the Celine Mini Luggage Tote in Fluorescent Pink is still there, no matter what. But sadly it is so hard to get it Malaysia, WHY?? Been searching up and down. Celine Luggage Tote, you're next in the list baby! *finger crossed*

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