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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Look who's back? My pretty darling Jane ♥

How time flies just a month before, my darling Jane was back from Canada. A short home coming for her, in fact she rather spend her 3 months Summer break in Australia with her lovey dovey boyf than friends and family. Tsk tsk how sad! However i can feel her, love always come first when it happens to a long distance couple, not to mention separating from half of the world, Australia to Canada. Well, you're forgiven then. :)

Since Jane doesn't have much time to spend in Malaysia, it's better for me to pay a visit back to Penang when everyone is still there (But not now, they left me to study abroad soon. *cries* But i strongly believe that, 'Good friends are like stars, you don't always see them but you know they are always there'). Catching up, Reunion Dinner, Sleepover are needless to say, a MUST for us girls. Spending every day when i'm back, hanging around with my darlings day and night. From Redbox Karaoke Session, loitering at our usual spot - Gurney, dolling up together, Sleepover, Girls Talk, Penang Food Hunt and etc. Mmm everything as though we were back to our highschool good old times. Brought back lots of memories and every moment fill with laughter.

Friday night, our girlie reunion dinner with my Wingeez darlings at Macalister Mansion, one of the recent renovated restaurant formerly by Bagan, located along Macalister Road. I was pretty excited about the dinner for no reason, maybe it would be one of the few time i can proper dine with them for the coming years. Oh not forgetting giving a try on the new fine dining restaurant in town.

DSC07371Le white Mansion with le white Audi R8, what a perfect match
The beginning of a new adventure along Macalister Road, we are excited to reveal Bagan Bar and Dining Room. Join us on a journey of modern culinary experiences served with traditional hospitality. Both Bagan Bar and Dining Room are set in different surroundings, each with its own personality. Pick one to suit your mood!
Deer statue in pastel pink and grey.
Everything in MM comes in White and a slight peek of pastel color. How sweet.
Table for four
Wingeez - Vivian, Yours truly, Jane & Szesze

As for our dinner, we were doing portion sharing so that all of us can have a try on each and every dish. Hence, No beef for the meat eater yo!

Here comes the list of orders we made :
Amuse Bouche
Cod Morue
DSC07199Chicken Poulet
Duck Canard
Lamb Loin
Silly pictures while waiting...
Such a creative booklet case where the bill was placed

Group picture at the Dining Room

After our dinner, guess what is the best thing for girls to do when all of us happened to be at such amazing place and all nicely dressed?. It's photo moment! Playing with color theme on our outfit as well.
Yours Truly in Purple 
Whitesoot Cape Sleeve Dress in Purple | Balenciaga Bags | Aldo Purple Heels
Sze sze the sweetie in Blue with her sexy back
Lady Jane in Orange Pink with Blue Prada Saffiano
Vivi, Vian in Black her mini dress

My lovely angels ♡

Last before we left, dropped by to Bagan Bar next to the Dining Room. Unfortunately we were too early before the life band started. We shall try our luck for the next time.
If you have good friends, no matter how much life is sucking, they can make you laugh.

Overall, it was a wonderful night with my girls. Everything was perfect despite for the food wasn't as nice as what we expected. We still enjoyed ourselves with the great ambience around. Speaking of which, somehow i find Penang is better with hawker food but not fine dining, long way to go still(no offence). Till then, Goodnight Dolls, x

Macalister Mansion
228 Jalan Macalister,
George Town, Penang, Malaysia
Tel: 04 229 9505


  1. You're gorgeous..

  2. hi, ur purple dress looks very nice..
    can i knw where u bought it??

  3. Anonymous :
    Hi there, i got my dress from Whitesoot,
    You can refer to them,

    Anyway mind to leave your name? ;)

  4. Sorry there , do u mind to send the location google map here for the restaurant . Thank u

  5. wahh.. didnt know pg now got such a nice dining and bar place.. will visit when back during CNY . .