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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

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One of the Sunday, one of the FUNday as well. Ditched le boyf aside and out for some girlie day. It was a rather simple yet FUN day at Publika. Penny and I were to accompany Miss Candice on her assignment but we ended up having lots of bull craps and laughter all the way. We had our late lunch at Ben's as well. We got us the most wonderful spot located at the outdoor of Ben's(behind the fake bushes). Splendid noon spent on our mighty little corner where nobody can see us. hehe.

Meanwhile, we were able to enjoy the live music performances and keep an eye on the happening bazaar out there. Not really into buying clothes these days, clothes overload ever since i got back from Bangkok. However, there're still some cute stuff that caught my eyes. Got myself a dream catcher and RMK Herb Mist! Mmmm, it's Greentea and it really smells so good on my face. I likey i likey!

Let's plan for some girlie tea real soon aight? x

Two-tone waistcoat from Whitesoot | Balenciaga Giant City Bags
Pink Ribbon Jelly from Bkk | Flora Lacey shorts from Bkk
Chanel Classic Diamond Earrings | Gold Vintage Metal Necklace
Miss Aries II Candice
Penny with the same P
Earl Grey as always
Penny's pick ; Mexicana Tortilla
My pick ; Golden Soft Shell Crab Spaghetti 
Candice's Sweet tooth ; Chocolate Walnut Brownies
Look, whose the driver of the day! ;D

Last, ending this post with little goodies i got from the music bazaar and some of my recent jelly collection! I know they're so off the shelf and non related to this post. Somehow i feel like sharing it, I don't care! Sharing is caring yo!

Dream Catcher from Casey | RMK Herb Mist from IsabelleMama
My Oh-so-cute Jelly flats & slippers! they're so soft and comfortable!

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