New White in the House | Sony NEX F3

Friday, June 08, 2012

First and foremost, i'm giving a very big shout out to whoever out there still waiting for Sony NEX F3 to be officially out in Sony Store Malaysia! I bet people won't believe that i already got my FIRST HAND Sony NEX F3 with me NOW! Hehehehe 

Well, it was a random drop by to Sungai Wang this evening. I went there after my class for some last minute neccesity shop before my trip. Since Lowyat is not far from Sungai Wang, i might as well walked there, go for some gadgets hunt and checking out if Sony NEX F3 is out. After few rounds of searching and i finally found it. I never thought of any shops might have started to sell before the real deal offered by Sony till the 11th of this month. Gosh, i just couldn't believe my eyes that i'm holding it now!

Just so you know, I'm a little gadget freak(not much girls fancy gadget besides for guys) & always wanted a new camera! (if you're following my twit, i repeat it every now and then) Oops, double check! I always wanted the Sony NEX series' cameras. I loved how Sony cameras can perform pictures with higher megapixels compare to other cameras. Even me myself is using Lumix and Canon presently. I just amazed by Sony's build-in effect yet able to update time by time when the software renewed. Imagine when you have friends around you using this super camera? How can you not in love with it?! Not forgetting their newly introduced 180 degree mirror less LCD screen and pop-up flash. Without any doubt, this camera is gonna be another girlfriend's best self shot camera. Tell me who doesn't want to check whether how good they are/look like before capturing? Har har.


Front & Back

Then i told myself, i must die die die to get it no matter what. Just before that i was about to bring the sister NEX C3 home someday. Thank god the latest design of NEX F3 announced just in time before i made my move. Everything just right in time.

I literally used up my half of my savings just for this camera. Half of my next targeted bag fund/boyf's gift gone. However, it's all WORTH IT with such an amazing camera!

Got it in Pearl White with single Zoom Lens, not getting the Pancake Lens anytime soon. Somehow i find zoom lens is good enough for me at the moment. And and and, the seller got me a really good deal too with 100 bucks cheaper than the deal offered by Sony and more freebies for me! Aha, credits to le boyf's good bargain & sorry baby, no present for you till .... keep it as a secret still! hehehehe

Sony Alpha Kit : Pen, Lanyards, Tripod, idk what ball & cloth | Sony Alpha Casing

Did i mention that, the camera is imported from Hongkong/Singapore(not too sure, cause i wasn't concentrating, lol) according to the seller. Thus, he got the first hand goods before Sony Malaysia launched. 101% authentic/original yo! 

Will blog more about the features of this camera in future, just gimme some time to explore it before i fully utilize! :) Sorry not any pictures taken by my new baby at the moment. I was blogging at the eleventh hour. *hidemyselfwithguilt* 

p/s : Pardon for the noise/quality of pictures, picture were taken and edited with my iPhone! See 5 megapixels ain't enough! LOL

Some of the features ;

This Self Camera Diary is adorable!
Maybe i can do a features vlog about NEX F3 like this one day? Oh just maybe! :P

My mix & match for le new WHITE in the house ;

White Hat | White Flower Band | White Rayban | White Feather Earring | White Chanel Earring
White NEX F3 | White iPhone | White Topshop Dress | White Louis Vuitton Bag

Ooops, is it this my first live blog postCan you feel the freshness still? Whatever blahhhhh. 

Till then, it's time for Happy Girl to hit the sack! Yay, I can have more pretty pretty pictures for coming trip and the party for Hennessy Artistry in Penang soon. x


  1. A review for this camera perhaps? :)

  2. Hi, may I ask how much is this camera you bought? and what is the name of the shop that you bought from it and where is it ? many thanks xx
    p/s: BTW, your's camera looks awesome! Can't wait to get it ! Happy Blogging :)