Hello to my semester break,

Friday, June 22, 2012

Sorry for the hiatus, yours truly was busy on her final week. Thank god final is now over and here comes my one week semester break. Ehe, now i see my rainbow after rain. Frankly speaking before i got everything done, i strongly think that my time management was a mess. There were so many happening events on the past few weeks, they literally occupied most of my time working on my final assignments. In fact, my final assignments were given 3-4 weeks before the deadline, i tried to work on a little but i was so lazy to continue and dragged it to the last minute. Oh gosh i have never been staying up for so late till 6 in the morning, rushing on assignments at the eleventh hour is no fun!! Sigh, i shall never let my time management screw me up again, anymore! 

Well, sharing some of my hard/more presentable work since i will be stop seeing them for a week time. Yay for my semester break!

My mocked up studio house, pretty simple but i like it! hehehe

One of my assignment's moodboard,
was working on a restaurant and retail with my favorite macaroon- Laduree. 

Hopefully next semester brings in more lessons with different exposure for Interior. Oh i heard that 3d max is coming up for next semester too! Damn i'm still blur even i had completed few courses of 2d & 3d Autocad, 3d cad is seriously giving me a pain on my ass! Pray hard for 3d Max! No more overslept and skipping class please!!

Last but not least, with the awesomeness of Celcom, now you can experience the Samsung Galaxy S3, the true mobile intelligence from as low as RM 1398(RRP: 2199) with the best network, exclusively for Celcom customers.

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Till then, Happy holiday to me! 

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