Every 11th @ Prime, Le Meridien

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Just a day before the 11th of the month, another 11th yet to come for our next 11 monthsary. Sometimes it gets really excited on counting down the day to our first anniversary. Can't wait! But before that, here's an overdue March Monthsary Dinner @ The Prime, Le Meridien KL.
❛ “Prime Grill, Prime Wine, Prime Time” defines Prime’s dining experience. PRIME prides itself in serving only the finest imported beef, complemented with exquisite wine selections. Imaginative interior design with secluded sections enables diners the chance to see and be seen, or to be discreetly seated away from the crowd. An innovative private dining room for 10 offers a personal view of the kitchen. ❜
Prime is well known as a fine dining steak house, that's all we know about it. Hence we decided to go along with chef's recommendation. Experts never fail us. Well, If only you're a Beef lover, Prime is an absolute beef Extravaganza. Sadly i'm not but i love all their food they served other than beef, such as Simply The best Lamb was nice to fill the bill. What more i can say? The dinner was lovely.

Black & Tiffany Night ;
' Prime Grill, Prime Wine, Prime Time '

Fresh in-house Breads & Butters
Classic Caesar Salad
Half dozen of Fresh Irish Oyster
Lobster bisque covered with golden crust
Prime Rib
Simply The best of Lamb
Such a satisfying face!

Happy 11th monthsary in advance!
Looking forward for more and more tomorrow!

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