Birthday Dinner #1 | Girly Dins at Chez Weng

Thursday, May 24, 2012

April has always been one of my favorite month in the year as my birthday falls on the second.  Apparently my birthday is just a day after April Fool which annoys me when people doesn't take it serious!. Pffft! But i shall never let little things like this fail me on my big day which comes only once in a year. :)

My first big Two-O! No longer a teen but an adult on the go! Wish me luck & Happy belated Birthday to me!

Made a trip back to hometown since i was having my one week semester break. Meeting my family and friends are needless to say, It's a MUST on my big day! 

Gathered my sisters and best girlfriends, celebrated my birthday at Chez Weng, Precinct 10. It was my first visit there, not even once after that. The food there was fine, not my liking though. Despite it could be one of the few fine food that able to find in Penang. :/ Anyway pardon me with the inaccurate dish names. I don’t really remember all of the dishes, clearly seen that it wasn't very attractive to me! Lol. And also this is what you get for blogging something a month later.

Yours Truly / Le Princess / Birthday Girl / Aries Baby

Tomato Soup, My favorite
Catch of the Day?
Lamb Shank

Next, my Ladies x Food porn ;

Thank Wendy for my birthday cake!
Black Forest <3
Sisters Teng, Missing the sister no1! Forever MIA!
A replacement for Jane ;
My favorite ladies <3

A short walk headed over to Nueve, one of the bar located in Precinct 10.

Our pick of the night - Red
Nat nat came later on

Always a blast to catch up with my favorite girls even it's just a simple dinner on my birthday. Thank you girls for making time to celebrate this day with me and sending a reminder of what great people around me. Much appreciated. x

Silly 1, Smiley 2, Kissy 3 <3

If only Jane could be there, the night will be perfect! Mmmm i guess this would be Jane's first absence on my birthday throughout the passing years. You will be with us no matter what or whenever we will be for the coming years. Our friendship is a million things. x

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