Are U ready for love ; V-day Celebration #2

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Saturday, the day i have been waiting for in every week, the day finally we can go out for a date. Le boyf doesn't need to work and the best part is I don't have to attend class. How shitty when you have class on a bloody Saturday, it suppose to be a HOLIDAY! Thank god, it just happened on last semester. Say No to 5 days class in a week, PLEASE HECK NO! Only three days of class per week now. :D 

Unfortunately, le boyf fell sick. He has not been feeling well the last three days. Brought him over to Clinic and got injection, the result is still the same, High Fever up and down. Frankly speaking, taking care of a sick patient is not easy, cooked him porridge(eat with him, lol), fed him medicine just like a baby for day and night(Sometime he refused to and slept like no tomorrow, seriously getting on my nerves). Exhausted much but i told myself, if im falling sick now, who else is going to take care the both of us. So I must stay strong!!!

There it goes for my Saturday, no dating, no movie. I missed watching movie in the Cinema so much, tons of movies are waiting for me. I'm so outdate! :( 

Well, we haven't been really hanging out lately apart from visiting each other's house and celebrating my birthday. We see each other almost everyday, but a date is always a date. You will never call wearing pajamas and working attire as a date at home, NEVER! I was away in Bangkok and Penang for the past weekends. All he did was, waiting for me at home, i felt so bad. :/

Nothing much i can do now while le sick boyf is shivering, taking his forever sick nap. I shall use this time to update a little as my Weekend Date. How sad.

Rainy Day ; There's always a rainbow after rain, i believe ~ 

We celebrated this year Valentine's for 4 times, coincidently the second fell right on 11th of the monthour 8th monthsary. Le boyf is rather a good food digger but now a musical fan, he got us a pair of Couple Ticket for Olivia Ong 'Are U ready for love' Valentine Live in Malaysia concert. The concert was held in Dewan Wawasan, Menara PGRM. Not a big space but perfectly fit with all the couples with love ambience.

Tied up my hair #OOTD 
Miu miu Bow Bag x Pink Jumpsuit x Beige Blazer

She started the show with the cover song in her recent album - A love Theme. Followed up with 我愿意,如燕 and etc. Some of my favorite song that she sang through over the years. Ended with 海枯石烂. Simply loves her white outfit with corset top and asymmetrical skirt.

P/s : Was seated way back in the hall, picture quality turned out to be quite low and blurry. Apology for poor semi-pro camera, need to start hunting for new camera now.

Any idea for good cams? Perhaps i shall do a change from Lumix to maybe Canon or Sony. :)

The show ended around 10ish but the jam in Cheras took us forever to leave and drove to town. Stomach grumbled when we just had Chatime and Subway as a quick dinner before the show. All the restaurants were about to close at 11, le boyf brought me to The Ship in Bukit Bintang. I guess it was the only fine dining restaurant opened till late 3. On a brighter note, i'm glad that boyf did not bring me to hawker food. I love hawker food at times but not on the monthsary, please. lol. How i wish to have La Mei Zi in KL, so that i don't have to sort a way out to eat in the middle of night.

Do recommend some nice restaurant that offers late dine till midnight. :)

Escargots, Tiger Prawn, Sizzling Beef as our heavy dinner/supper. Satisfy meal. Le silly boyf did something funny, tied up the balloons on my neck. Was plain bored while waiting for valet to get us our car. 

Time for my dinner. x