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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Rise & Shine 1st of May, Happy Labour Day everyone! 

It's saddening realizing those good old times weren't written into a journal that can be flipped through time to time to smile along while mesmerizing them. Even so, i had randomly thought of summing all the bittersweetness just into a flashback post! bits by bits, post by post. I shall start it with a month that has only 29 magical days but yet it was one of the most happening months with daily outings, dines, parties, events and all of the other kinds that had put a smile on my face.

January was fine, but i'll keep it simple as it was a month with all the hassles settling down after coming back from Japan, catching up to on par of classes and Chinese New Year.

Oh dear, hope it wouldnt be a superbly long post that bore you out! hmmmm but if this turns out well, i guess i'll just try to make all the past events of every month short and sweet.

03 02 2012 ;
First Party in 2012 with my Penang gang @ Sultan Lounge, Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

05 02 2012 ; Sunday Evening Swim with le boyf.

06 02 2012 ;
Pre Valentine / Chinese Valentine Dinner @ Cilantro, Micasa Suite Hotel
The day i brought Pinkie Pirate Home 
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07 02 2012 ;
Our First Couple-T day with Super Dry @ Pavilion
Both in PINK!

@ Topshop

09 02 2012 ;
Design Studio Field Trip with my fellow classmates
Messy Hair #Fail

11 02 2012 ;
Monthsary with le boyf, Olivia Ong's Are U ready for love music show.
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12 02 2012 ;
#1 Afternoon Tea with Girlie sis & Candice @ Lounge On The Park, Mandarin Oriental Hotel
#2 Dinner @ Fong Lye with them and le boyf tagged along.
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13 02 2012 ;
Met up with Nishie @ Bisou, Bangsar Village. Catching up with my primary classmates before she went to Melbourne further her studies. 
My Red Velvet
All the best Sweetie :)

14 02 2012 ;
Valentine's Day - #1 Pre Valentine's Lunch @ Delicious, Duo Residence.
Delicious was our very first place for lunch. But that was happened in Delicious, Penang. :)
#2 Candle Light Dinner @ Home.

15 02 2012 ;
#1 Balenciaga Exclusive Presentation of the Spring/Summer 2012 Collection @ Balenciaga, KLCC
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#2 Dinner after the event @ One Plus One, Imbi

16 02 2012 ;
Lunch before class with classmates @ food hall, Double Tree Hotel 

17 02 2012 ;
Books Hunting with classmates @ KinoKuniya, KLCC

19 02 2012 ; 
Movie Night/Dinner @ Weissbrau, Pavilion.

23 02 2012 ;
#1 One of the mood board i done for my recent assignment. Theme : Sweet in Pink. My favorite color. :)
My favorite color. :)

#2 Did a little Shopping with Sis and Candice @ Shoes shoes shoes, Bangsar Telawi
This cute pair of Chandelier look alike earrings.

25 02 2012 ;
Back in Penang. #1 Met up with my long lost darling, Sze sze.
Had one of the best Laksa in Penang Road, My all time favorite
#2 Tea @ Macaroon Cafe, Gurney Plaza

#3 Customized my first DIY Lacey Bunny Head Gear for my shooting 

26 02 2012 ;
#1 Photoshoot with Khar Ling in the morning @ Infinity Condo.

#2 Sweet Sixteen Grand Opening @ Time Square. 
Yogurt Dessert & Golden Sweet Potato
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#3 Home cooked Korean BBQ & Steamboat dinner with le family

#4 Received a letter from Nako, one of the exchanged student from Japan that did a short stay at my place during beginning of January.

her appreciation throughout the letter. Thats so sweet of her.

28 02 2012 ;
It's my pretty idol's Angelababy's birthday. #random

29 02 2012 ;
Back in KL after a short trip back to hometown. Chilled with le boyf @ Alexis, Bangsar Telawi
Le boyf surprised me with his self customized cap with my name printed on. Priceless gift ever.
My name is P O V Y
the new born baby - OnEveryoneLips.com

Till then, more to come. Doodles! x

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