V-Day Celebration #1

Thursday, March 29, 2012

'When you're in love, Everyday is Valentine's day.'

I couldn't agreed more. What a coincident that the day was fell right on the Lunar Valentine, hence we celebrated 8 days earlier before the actual date, 6th of February. There it goes our first Valentine together for this year. In fact, we actually celebrated this year's Valentine for 4 times. lol

In love with my pink lens, pink lips & pink dress #Pink
My nose looks 'surprisingly' Tall
In love with my hair ; Prettily curled for that night

I still remember it was a public holiday on Monday, Baby boyf was free for the whole day. Before the dinner, we first went to Pavilion for some shopping since Tang's was having great clearance sales. Not forget to mention i got myself a Pinkie Pirate Dooodolls as my early Birthday Present, a significant dolls for Aries.

We had our Valentine dinner at Cilantro Restaurant & Wine Bar, located in Micasa All Suite Hotel along Jalan Ampang. This is an award winning restaurant offering the finest contemporary French-Japanese cuisine complemented with collection of world-renowned wines.

Apparently we ordered the Degustation Menu by Chef Takashi Kimura
It was quite empty on a Monday night
My Pinkie Pirate ; My Aries Dooodolls

Starter : Bread with Caviar Butter 

Hokkaido Uni with Pumpkin and Consomme Jelly

Carpaccio of Buri with Daikon and Bottarga

Capellini with Abalone

Seabass with Scallop and Truffle Jus

Roasted Foie Gras with Portobello and Parmesan
Cam whoring with my baby iphone
For him : Grilled Black Wagyu 
For her : Lamb Cotelette 
Rasberry and Lime Granite
Chocolate and Pear Mousseline with Dark Cherries Flambe
 Coffee or
or Me

Dress : Pink Chiffon Tube Dress
Bags : Balenciaga Giant City
Accessories : CoupeDeRobes Necklace
Heels : Black ALDO Heels

Spotted another restaurant in the hotel
Next to the pool

Ended my night happily with him and my dooodolls. x

The night was simply great with the best companion and my new dolls. Apart from the food was served into small portion, i kinda love how it came with 8 courses separately that literally filled our stomach for the entire night. The costly dinner definitely worth the price. A pay back to the restaurant is a must! *Finger crossed*

Stay tuned for the next V-day Celebration. :)


  1. hello :)
    may i ask u how years old u wear braces?
    i wanna wear too but lack of information about wearing braces.

  2. LoL.

    It looks like you got the whole place booked?

    Is it? hahaha

    thats a really pimped up Iphone

  3. Nana,
    I got my braces fixed when i was 16 for 20 months.
    You should try it, there's nothing for you to afraid, in fact you will gain more confident in future, prettier. :)

  4. Benjamin Foo,
    Not really, just that it was quite empty on a Monday night, very surprised though.
    Thanks anyway ;)

  5. but i ady 20 ys old :'(
    u gt extract tooth when wearing braces ?;)
    too late for wearing braces ?

  6. Anonymous,
    It's never too late for braces, we are always young in heart. :)
    i extracted four tooth after i got my braces for the first ten months. It's quite strange for my procedure, but it doesn't affect the duration and outcome. :)