T Forty Two @ Bistro 42

Thursday, March 08, 2012

[ 17 November 2011 ] Le Girlie Fun #PictureOfTheDay

Outing with Mua Penang friends ;

Bistro 42 is located at the first floor of Bangsar Village 2. This place is separated into two section, one is the inner part of the restaurant itself, the other one is located in the middle of mall surrounding by all the shop lots. Totally two different style of interior, simple modern dining room cross over with relaxing western garden where the classy piano, garden table and flush sofa were placed. Somehow people may find it very weird by the seperation arranging, but that's the reason why i'm loving of this place. Well, if only you're going some food hunt, i would recommend you to sit inside of the restaurant itself as a proper place to dine ; if not the outer part is just nice for some light bites and do a little chit chating. :)

All sorts of Colorful bites, don't you want to drop by and have a try?
Our rectangle table under the big Umbrella as though as we were in park but with fully air condition :)

Let me introduce you my Double Couple Friends from Penang, Edwin, Wendy, Heryl & Jingrou. I was the only single on that day, felt so left surrounded by two pair of love birds. Le boyf couldn't make it because he was busying working. :(

Bistro 42 is one of the sister branch by Ben's KL, the well known franchise restaurant by The Big Group in KLCC, Pavilion, Bangsar, Publika & etc. They're always famous for their food and services. So i'm sure they do serve pretty good dessert as Bistro 42 is famous for their T Forty Two(Afternoon Tea for Two). Well, I always have a thing when it comes to sweet stuff, i love all kinds of dessert in the world, like seriously. They're just too sweet to resist.

Afternoon Tea Set and some cakes were ordered, but not any heavy meals since all of us already had our lunch earlier on. The Afternoon Tea just perfect on the late noon while catching up with all of them.

Moi & le Purple Macaroon
Lastly, Le Princess was trying to present her music talent but #PHAIL LOL

Till then, will definitely pay this place a visit soon enough. x

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