Lunch, Shopping, Tea & Ladies ; Nov'11

Monday, March 26, 2012

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By this time when this posted up, i'm happily enjoying myself in the Land of Sawadee - Bangkok. :) Something quick before i push everything up, so that i have time to start blogging about my Jap trip. Stay tuned for more Konichiwa. :)

Brought my darlings Vivi and Jojo to Plan B for lunch when they got down to KL. Vivi is quite picky, she only loves western food and Jap food, so i brought her to one of my #favorite restaurant in Bangsar. Just so you know Plan B is one of the franchise outlet by the The Big Group. See i told ya, i'll definitely be back for the restaurants by the same line. ;P

Well people often says when you get closer to something/some place, you will tend to not want it like you used to. But Nay, ever since i moved into Bangsar Area, i love love love this place more than ever, with all the good food, fashion boutiques and type range of people living with more Foreigners(which is more civilized compare to Locals, Racist a bit). Not forgetting one of the best thing is transportation wise, from my place is just less than 3 minute drive to Bangsar Shopping Centre, less than 5 minutes drive to Bangsar Village & Less than 10 minutes to my College in Ampang(if only I'm not caught into any jamsssssssss) See? How can life be so much easier when you get to move into a central place.

Life's even better when you have your girlie around with you and chill together. :)

 Vivi - an Darling 
 Popo - vy / Moi Le Princess
Jojo - elle Babe
Nana - tasha
So what's your pick for the sweetie? :)
Or me? Trolololololol
 Earl Grey as #MyAllTimeFavorite
 Eggs Benedict
 Plan B Big Breakfast
 & it's really big!
Little Shopping Spree @ Baci before we got really mad when we did our shopping. lol
Spot Nana's Leopard Print Bottega Bag, Love love love x
Ending my Post with double Peace. ' ' ).V

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