bf x bff @ Genting'11

Friday, March 23, 2012

Oh yay, three hoorays for today. First i got my blog header done few days ago after receiving pictures from Khar Ling. But i'll try to work it with more Flash play, if possible. *finger crossed* :) Secondly,  officially tie up a pretty knot for my first semester after i hand in my final assignments tmrw(not now, i can feel the excitement with me already, can you feel it with me too? lol) Last will be, le princess is counting down the 2 days to my Holiday Getaway with my two sisters before one of them goes back to Melbourne for her Master. Not gonna tell where it will be till i got back, My Secret Weekend Getaway! Lezz Hooray together with me now now now. ;D

Well, as for the post below, is just some day happened on the end of November 2011. One real overdue post and were neglected over months. Pardon for my procrastination.

An one half day trip with le boyf and le bff-Vivian Darling randomly went up the hill - Genting Highland. Le bff finally got her ass out from the little island. She's such a homie person, easily gets homesick when she left her room for too long, then she will get emo at a corner, and of course her boyf is part of the reason as well. 

Guess i'll call this a group outing with the both of them. Glad that they liked each other, time well spent.  When Bf meets bff, that's gonna make a perfect time for the middle man, which is me, so was i a happy gf/bff on that day. :D Frankly speaking, le boyf doesn't really into all the group outing thingy, he's more to personal and individualistic. I guess my family and his family are those we met the most ever since we got together. :/

Moi Pretty Bff - Vivian Darling, classmates since 13 till the entire high school ended
Had our lunch @ Loong Kee Restaurant by the hill side before we heading up. A Typical Cantonese 'Fok Kian Chao' style, with Black Mei Fan/Mien, Fried Ginger Style 'Frog Meat' & Dried Pork Belly Slices #Best

The world of Greeds and Fun - Casino & THEME PARK
Not into gambling, just into entertaining
Our Striking color combination
 L O V E <3
Tall vs Short ;
Well the height stated above is a bit inaccurate. Vivi's height is around 168, and mine is around 158(short i know). Hence the height stated on the board is WRONG. I guess they're just trying to be kind, lower down the height limits so that more kids can enter the theme park. Oh so kind! ~.~
Little Chipmunk wants to join too
Go go Power Ranger!
 If only we can be like kiddy for one day, Happily queuing for all the theme park games
Picture taken by le boyf when we were on our Pirate Ship ; I'm so scared if he accidentally slipped and the camera is GONE! :O

We weren't lucky enough that day, the rain started after we had our first ride, no choice but to flee into the indoor theme park. We paid 50 bucks per person just for a ride yet it's not refundable. Stupid rain ruined everything. Most expensive pirate ship EVER!
Nasty boyf took this when i was covering myself with the black scarf in order to prevent me from getting wet but le boy was laughing at me so hard, said i looked like some Arabian lady appeared in the theme park. WTF?! Apart from that, Me is want to take the Spider Fly Coaster behind so desperately. ;'(

Then le boyf volunteered to be our little tour guide for Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museum in First World Plaza. He's now le boyf, le driver, le photographer & le tour guide. ;D 
Bend your tongue into triple flower petal shapes. I can do it, so can you? :3
 Something that horrifies me. It's all made by Human Hair. My goodness
Reaching the indoor Jungle TREEEEEEEE
Nothing special to do with the vintage dentist chair but this picture simply shows le boy is such a skinny ass *slap forehead*
 The Luckiest Chair in the world. May this bring us luck till forever
 One Man's Junk is another Man's Treasure. Favorite #quote
Candid wannabe but #FAIL

Animal lover, what she loves
Animal lover, what i love
And another animal love from her <3
Soul sister with the best shoulder for me to lean on, to cry over,
used to sleep in the class, will never leave me and stay with me
& Guess what?
Busy editing
Tadahhh~ The Outcome of our sticker pic
Flashing back all the good old memories, When we used to take each every year with my two more Wingeez darlings, Szesze and Jane. I miss those time so badly. :(

Had our dinner @ Chillis, BSC
A candid shot by Vivi Darling while we were waiting for our table to be seated. #favorite shot <3

Vivi and her imaginary bear(boyf) when he was at god knows where  :/

Till then, who says a group outing must be fill with many people? 3 person can make a perfect one too. It's all about quality but not quantity. A day just well spent with both loves simply made it until the fullness. x

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