New Born Baby ;

Thursday, March 01, 2012

New blog, no longer blogging on Got my own domain, as where you're right now, right here. Decided to close down my previous blog, it was such a mess with uncountable blogposts  posted over years. Was quite sad when i first made the decision though, but i was too lazy to clear the mess all over again. Well, why not start with a new one since no one ever bothers about the pass. I don't, why do you? Let's start flipping a new chapter with me now, hand in hands, welcoming the new born baby, :)

with the New Released MV by Big Bang - Bad Boy ♥

Taeyang : Baby don’t leave me I know you still love me ♥
Don't you just want BAD BOY like this? *melts*

Ps: Transfered several blogposts which i find it quite memorable from my previous blog. & till i realize i didn't really blog much last year. :/

Till then, more to come, i promise. x

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