Road Trip ; Ipoh Foh San

Thursday, March 01, 2012

[ 07 11 2011 ]

Sunny, Monday Morning, one public holiday last year. The boyf randomly woke me up at 5 in the morning, then off we go to n o r t h for a half day road trip in Ipoh. The aim of the trip is all about FOOD. Ipoh has the best dim sum as all always, it starts early and ends early before 12, only of early birds. Boyf has been craving for quite sometimes just that he was too busy most of the time.

Since it was a public holiday, we started our journey pretty early where all the cars & traffic were off, pretty smooth journey all the way. It took us less than 2 hours drive. I tried it few times back  years ago when i was on my way to KL, too bad i was late during that time, not much variety of dim sums were served. Thank god, we manage to reach before 9 that day, just in time for dim sum and freshly baked crispy egg tarts. :)

Theme of the Day : Black & White
Gadgets & Accessories by Him & Her
Now you can see my white iPhone & his black Blackberry

Ohaiyo~ Rise & Shine
Princess & le boyf

My favorite food of all dim sum ;
Smoothest Ginger Custard Milk ever
Chee Cheong Fan #AllTimeFavorite

The left over, Egg tart spotted
Shades On, What a Sunny Day, It was ☀

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