Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday morning - Sunny, Windy but still Blue as usual. Anyway, a song for this morning.

Morning by Janice Vidal

Dear friends, I would like to share with you, since this is one of the recent hype in town. I've been starting to use this cute apps ever since the end of last year/beginning of this year. I randomly discovered this cute apps from Appstore and since it's f r e e , why not giving a try, no harm right? It doesn't use up a lot of memory space in my iphone, i can beautify my pictures at the meantime. :)

Sooner and later, i'm slowly addicted to it. I started to take down every single pictures in my daily life and starting to instagram it every minute i could have sort out for. And guess what? I'm turning into a freakish instagramer day by day, as i am still one now. :)

Well what so special about it?

Instagram, It’s a fast, beautiful and fun way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures.
Snap a photo with your iPhone/ipad, choose a filter to transform the look and feel, send to Facebook, Twitter or Flickr – it’s all as easy as pie. It’s photo sharing, reinvented.

Fyi, Instagram only available on A P P L E products , not even blackberry & Android.
They do have a blog as well :

I started to observe this recently, the hype of instagram-ing is increasing. Numerous of people around me are getting more and more of them starting to use Instagram, and so into it, just like i do. 
At first, i was curious and i asked one of my friend, 'Hey have you switch your phone from blackberry to iphone?/you got a new ipad? Cause you're starting to use instagram'. (of course i would be very happy if someone join one of my favorite apps so that i can share my joy with them.
Answer, 'No lahhhh, saja play play only since everyone is playing, i'm still using a blackberry hehehehhe./No lahhhh, i bought an additional ipad. hehehheheh'. 
'Ohhhhhs..' from princess with disappointment.

Few weeks back later, more and more instagram pictures flooding from my twitter timeline & Facebook homepage. Then i was thinking, wah people these day really loves carrying two gadgets out, their bag must be very empty. lol. 
The kayo me kesi-kesi asked again, 'How's instagram to you? Very nice hor? Why not you satu-kali switch to iphone since there're more pros compare to blackberry, rightttt?'(promoting iphone, hehehehe
And they answered me, 'i'm using an iphone now, officially iPhone user!!' 

Wah wah wah, seeeeeeeee!!! claps for them & welcome to the iphone world!!

See people nowadays, they love experiencing new stuff, they love to explore new restaurant in town, & just like they love trying new apps from new phone and till they got themselves a new I P H O N E . That's a pretty good thing though, the more the people use, the more the interesting stuff they share, the more and more & my life is the more and more not b o r i n g anymore. lol.

Day by day it just simply made my day by scrolling on instagram, checking out what the other instagramers have been posting up. They keep me update with cool pictures, delecious food, pretty scenery, pictures with meaning captions, how people shows their emotion, cute editing tools, what's latest fashion have been up to, how the way people taking pictures, pretty/hot chic, hot/handsome guys till the tiny little stuff from everyone's daily lifes. This is fun in a way for me. Not shy to be told, I actually learned some of my taking pictures skill from all these. When i happened to see some pictures i like, i do not hesitate to like and comment. Sometimes i do comment on their pictures, asking them on what kinda apps they used to edit it and etc. Even when it happens to me, people asked, i tell. Sharing is caring. I'm learning in a way though, a good way i suppose. :)

But sadly baobei is using a blackberry, will try to persuade him to switch to iphone for me. But i know that's always a NO, if only thunder strikes on him one day la. HAHAHAHAHAHA

So what do you think about instagram now? Feels sad for not owning an iphone and starting to join the hype??

Come come, come to the princess mama, don't be sad, she can grand you a wish!! Your genius princess found some cool website that can let those none-iphone-user tumpang glamour while enjoy the hype. These websites are only for those who have a registered account, but only for viewing, liking and commenting but not posting. The posting way is still base on iPhone apps itself.

Anyway, you still have to follow those instagramers(you would like to see) in order to tengok their gambar, otherwise that's just a plain blank account. :)

One thing i like about inkstagram is they provide those cute cute emoji icon from iphone on the comment bar.
Sorry Evie, for using your Brace Gigi Picture for demo. hehe. Banyak Comel dengan gigi anyway. :p

Just incase you're too lazy to log on to those websites(i know it's a bit troublesome for you to register a new ID, log in this and that) & yet you die also want to see my instagram pictures, you can check it out on my Facebook photo album - Baby (if only you're in my friend list la. Sorry ya, princess' fb is a little private & only for f r i e n d s, she got no Fanpage or whatever , Princess is just an ordinary person hmmm)

Hope that this is helpful to some people out there.
Millions thanks for the this post?(perasan-ing) ; No Problem & many welcome from 
p r i n c e s s lockyalips , xx

Have a good day/good week ahead, as today is the beginning of the week. Can't wait to go back Penang for this coming weekend.

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