Le Premier Dinner

Monday, November 21, 2011

Time flies in a blink of eye, for i've known my baby and be together with him for a couple of months. I will keep this love journey on and it will never die till the day we cannot see each other's eyes.

Le Premier Dinner ;

the first dinner (French)

Reminiscing the first dinner he brought me on a Saturday night. Our first dinner was held in one of the fine dining restaurant in Mandarin Oriental Hotel. The place is such a cozy and comfortable grill restaurant that aims to satisfy both local and international food connoisseurs with a range of classic dishes served with a modern twist.

Mandarin Grill @ Mandarin Oriental Hotel

The lovely hanging lightnings.

Spot the Wine shelf in the restaurant

Yours Truly on 06.11.2011

The Waitress

Starter with breads & some wine

Soup in glass 



Salmon Bites

Main course, Lamb Rack


Not forgetting my all time favorite - dessert time,

we ordered Sorbet & ice cream

So sweet... the dessert

such a cute round pole before entering the restaurant.

We ended our dinner quite early. Since it's a Saturday night, baby decided to bring me to one of his favorite place to chill at Giovino, Changkat. This place has a beautiful interior especially the upstairs. It looked like a bee-hive kind of thing.

Bee-hive wall interior with pretty lights

A glass of wine to make a perfect night

Some fresh oyster would be good to fill the stomach in time.

The night was great. We enjoyed the food, love the deco and the ambiance for both places. It ended with lots of talk and pictures were taken just like those normal couples do. Thank you baby for giving me such a memorable night.

Till then, l o v e princess. x

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