A night to remember ♥

Friday, October 14, 2011

Where everyone is gather together, Just like how we did last December,
Never let go and stays forever. My dearest soul sisters, Wingeez

My first 'coming home' session ever since i started my college in KL(i know it's not very far from penang, but still ...). Never felt like missing home so much. I always thought i would be alright when i'm away from home, for once i seriously felt homesick and felt like going back so badly. Of all and all, home is always the best where everyone is back there for you all the time, just like my darlings do.

A dinner is called up once i got back. A sweet one, just like every couple's candle light dinner, but with bffs. Nothing special just an ordinary girls outing, dolling up, prettily dressed, chit-chating, cam whoring, catching up session, so much to talk but never ending with it.

Moi, Jane & Vivian, otw fetching Sze.

A place located at Batu Ferringhi - Ferringhi Garden, somewhere not far from where i celebrated my birthday months ago. The place is separated into two session, indoor and outdoor. The outdoor session is decorated by flora and fauna, like dining in a little park, so close to nature. The ambiance is just nice for our candle light dinner. :)

We decided to dine at the indoor session, pretty quiet for us girls to do more catching up. ;)


Here comes the ladies,

(From left to right) Szesze, Vivian, Moi & Jane

& Here comes the food,

The food there was great and comes with reasonable price. Highlights of the night, darling Jane bought us dinner for that night, as she said she's leaving soon. Good thing is we don't get to pay, Sad thing is she's leaving. Which one do you prefer then? :(

Anyway the sad news doesn't affect our mood, cam whoring session before we left this lovely place. 

Wingeez, our signature name for all of us.

Till then, Thank you you girls for making my night.

Alright, guess i'm done with my blogpost now. Just right in time for Vivian to gone offline and sleep after a two hours skyping with her. This two late owls need some talk. :) Jane must be envious over there. :P Faster come online, i miss you darling. 

Goodnight everyone, xx

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