Training session with Chelsea Football Club Coaches

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea! It's all about Bola with Chelsea Football Club. Thanks to Jason and also Samsung for inviting me to this Bola Training with the Chelsea Coaches before their real Chelsea match in Malaysia weeks ago. The training was held at an indoor futsal court near Damansara Damai. I was lucky enough to participate with the rest although it took me 8409328028042's life for running here and there and i guess this will be my first and last soccer session. No joke, tiring max you know!!!

Walking by, entering the futsal court.

There were two sides of the indoor futsal court separating by the net.

It was an all blue court which perfectly match for Chelsea cause they're in B L U E too!

Can you spot the Blue Blue Grass?

Zoom Zoom Zoom, more focus on the Blue Grass & not forgetting my pink Nike Dunk.

Before the training, the media was doing their part, having interview with one of the coach - Ian Woodroffe.

A Group Picture as well.

Can you see only three girls were there, aren't we lucky? I reckon Yes, cause it was kinda fun with ratio 1:6 to the boys. We were like the Princess, but very tiring though when we actually have to go through what the boys was doing too. :(

Spot the petite me with Pink Dunk again. I look really short here, saddening much*

Whoa whoa very impressive right? Looks so cute in a way.
 I want my boy to be like him in the future, can i? :P

Ooops, was too lazy to move around, pretending to tie my shoe lace. Got cha anyway! :p

After the first warm up training for half an hour, we finally got to take a break for 5 minutes. They supplied us with some mineral waters and some Isotonic drinks to help us boost up our stamina. We never gonna miss the chance for some camho session at the mean time.

The blogger Couple - Sam & Kate

With Jason, Moi, Justin, Sam & Kate. The bloggers Gang.

Moi & those friendly coaches - Keith Harmes, Jamie Greenwood & Sam Hubert.

Before the training session ends, how can i not taking this very moment now with my iphone? Fret Not!

Camho of the Princess.

Instagraming with Jason

& one of the favorite picture taken & edited with my baby iphone.
Caught up with these super striking color combination - Blue x Yellow x Pink 

Till then, the training session ended around evening time just in time for the next Chelsea Footballer Training in Bukit Jalil. Was too tired after the training then i decided not to go for it, what a waste i know. :(

Goodbye, had a perfect healthy evening with soccer time.


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