Mois de Juillet

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bonjour Juillet,
Boujour de la ville, & Bonjour de la princesse..

#1 ; Officially switched down to Kay Elle the City for Studies 

#2 ; Decided to switch my course from Architecture to Interior Design. (due to some personal reason, not gonna mention here.) So yah, in the future you can address me as Interior Designer Ms Teng, a professional still. *flips hair and walk away confidently* LOL 

#3 ; Adapting to the city, (pretending only *eye brows shaking*) LOL
Everything is still fine, besides for one thing - The GOD DAMN TRAFFIC!!!
 It takes around 1-2 hours for me to travel to my college everyday
(including Traffic Jam & of course i'm a patient driver, i drive very slow and safely! :D )
Well, it pushes me to the max of frustration, a very big hatred shout out to 'em!!!! 

 #4 ; Err, I miss home sometimes, miss my piggy brother and my Donut Pillow the most..

 #5 ; Something unhappy happened lately.
Glad that it's over, i know i can make it through and so do my family members. Aja-aja Fighting~ 
*Playing Barney family songs*
I love you, you love me, we're happy family~

 #6 ; Instagram - My current Addiction for my baby iphone besides for the daily social network - Facebook, Twitter & Weibo.
One of my routine for me to check it every day, every hour, sometimes every minute. 
You can follow me in Instagram too, @povyteng hehe. 
(only for iphone user ANYWAY!!! Boo if you ain't an iphone user!!!)

#7 ;  I cut my hair from waist length to above chest, better or no?
Don't feel like cutting it but it has to be done, all my split ends have to CHOP OFF!!
Might thinking of dyeing a darker colour soon. 
My colour has faded to another lighter one, which i hate it so much!!!
Couldn't stand it anymore!!!

 #8 ; Cut down partying? But not drinking! I like drinking!! especially HH, HAPPY HOUR!!! 
Jom, mari kita pergi Happy Hour!!! HAHAHAHHAHA 

 #9 ; *shy shy* i'm in LOVE.. HAHAHAHAHAHHAH 
Okay nothing to Laugh about, just that i don't know how to express my joy. 
Pardon me bao bei.. 

 #10 ; I can go for SHISHA more often at night!!!!
But please be clear, I DON'T SMOKE OK? 

 #11 ; trying out something new. 
Spot my new pink lens, thanks to darling Vivian's suggestion.. 
CANTIK HOR? because it's PINK!!!!

#12 ; Unhappy - bcz i just met my darlings for short while and they're back now.. 
i miss them all!!! i miss my wingeez darlings!!!
& the saddest part is, they said I PUT ON WEIGHT!!!
My god!! this is taking my life 85092384093242042 times!!!
I NEED A DIET NOW!! I wanna get rid of my pong pong face now!!

 #13 ; Picture taken by my baby MBP's Photo Booth, so pwetty & Ke ai.. 
As you know i'm an ALL-TIME-APPLE-FANS!!!
Ooops, *iphone dropping off* :p

Taaaadaaaaaah , like my summarize update for July? 

Erm, please say yes!!! I beg you to do so. 
Otherwise, i'll show you my favorite 'Y_U_NO' phrases with it's faces,
& shouting, 'Y U NO LIKE MY UPDATE? 

Love Princesslockyalips 

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