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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Was randomly browsing on my iPhoto, was checking out is there any pictures i've taken recently(or maybe Long long time ago) can inspire me to blog a little. Erm, there're tons of events, party, outing and etc i've attended but none of them inspire me, maybe yes?. But not this post. :)

Sze, Jane, Moi & Vivian @ Berlin Straits Quay

Reminiscing this picture,
was just a rather normal night we chilled after our dinner with Lin Hui, but she left earlier for some reason, i've forgotten anyway. Nothing special practically, all it's about that p e o p l e who matters will always lighten your night even though that's no lights around just a moon, it's gonna make a p e r f e ct  Fullmoon for that night, & that night just simply did. :)


26th of March, Lin hui came back for a weekend, so why not go out for a dinner date with the girls since we've known each other for so long, since Primary, Secondary... So Vivian, Jane, Lin Hui & i went to Edo Ichi for dinner, one of our f a v o r i t e restaurant in Island Plaza, & also Vivian's favorite cuisine - Jap Food.

Food food food,
small portion for the ladies, but not e n o u g h for me. :/

Out of no where, Vivian found this little love collection from my w a l l e t. Or maybe i purposely showed it to her. Yes so sweet of me, i know. Shy*

My all time favorite S t i c k e r pic, was taken in Sg & KL.. <3

After the dinner, Lin Hui left early, then we went to meet up with Sze after her dinner as well, at Straits Quay. On the way fetching Sze, Jane as the d r i v e r of the night. So yeah Passengers sitting next and behind caught the chance for c a m w h o r i n g. :)

 I'm in love with this Darling V. <3

Wheee, It's been awhile since Wingeez last reunion after V's birthday on January?

Then here it goes my favorite place in Straits Quay, Berlin Bier Houz. We chilled a little there, did some g i r l y chit-chatting & had the super sweet Black Thorn Cider. Not too strong but sweet just nice for girls, My second option after Strongbow. :)

'Yesterday brought the beginning, tomorrow brings the end, 

 and somewhere in the middle we became the best of friends.'

Friends are kisses blown to us by angels. - quoted by Leafboufy 
Let's call it a night with my ladies.

Missing my darlings so much, can't wait to go back next week. Pray hard for my Friday class to cancel, so that i can go back on Wednesday? Heh.

Anyway did a little changes on my Page Princesslockalips next to Home,
do check it out yo! 

Toodles, L o v e Princess.

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