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Friday, July 22, 2011

Holla my dear friends, Princess is back in Penang!!!!

Yours truly,

For the very first time, i've been missing home so much, missing every single things in Penang, my family, my friends and my baby donut pillow. Have not been hugging her for a month plus, i wonder how did i survive for not hugging her to sleep every night. (fyi, i did not bring it back on my last trip, bcz baby donut ain't s m a l l, I ain't gonna carry these freakish big pillow when i was walking alone in the airport right? NONO, that's so attention seeking!! yucks! ) Anyway, countless sleep night is finally come to an end, I'm bringing her home with me this trip back. Donut is back with princess mama!!! Jumping happily*

I'm gonna eat eat eat, eat all the favorite food i like within this few days, eat all i can, eat till i burst, eat till i drop. Then start dieting all over when i'm back in KL. Anyway, so many of them told me, i put on weight!! DAMN do i really look that fat to you guys nowadays?? I'm still under 40kg?! ok la 40kg for now. Wad a freaking sad news, guess i've started my 4-ish kg beginning of the year(after taiwan trip & CNY la, damn make me eat DAMN ALOT) and it remains up and down till now. I guess my face is the worst, like a bloated potato. I need a face slimming cream now, does anyone try the Bio-Essence Face Lifting Cream by xiaxue in one of the blogpost before? Does it really works?? Come please share with princess, she needs it badly la. I've tried one of the face massaging tool, FAILED MAX la!! Don't ever bother to buy people!!!

Ahhhh, all and all have to thanks to baobei, keep feeding me with good food when i was in KL makes me look damn fat d la now. EMO x 838593485 times. Still i'm going to hunt for good food now or later with my friends. Hehehehe. Diet plan keep it aside first, wait till i'm back in kl alright? Princess promise, finger crossed* Sharpchin please come back!!!

Well here's an update for months ago, when princess and some of her friends went food hunting around the island, i shall name it as Penang Go Round.

Wendy decided to bring all of us to somewhere her hometown for a Half Day Penang Go Round. I shall make it as a little travelogue, traveling in the island or somewhere around just nearby would be cool at times. I can hop from places to places, it wouldn't be a problem for me since i'm so hyper active, as long as there're good food to fill & drinking with my company. 

Anyway i'll be listing down where we went incase you mix up, in fact i was kinda lost when i blog about it. Laughs*

First - Smoke BBQ Company, Kulim
Second - Haagen Dasz, Auto City
Third - Overtime, Penang
Forth - Red, Bellisa Row
Fifth - Bed, Bellisa Row

Well, i'll just let the pictures do all the talking. Enjoy.

Can you barely see Penang Bridge? Yes please, We're on our way out from the island.
V r o o m vroooom*

Driver of the day - Wendy

 Passenger sekalian - Joelle, Joyce & Emily

Boooooooooost Juice Bars, to b o o s t our day up.

(fyi, we went to Gurney Plaza before we got our little round-island started,

so yeah we had boost with us, keep us away from the thirst.)

Arriving at F i r s t Destination - Smoke BBQ Company.


 Meat Meat Meat , all the meat eater lover except for Emily.

S e c o n d Destination - Haagen Dasz, Auto City

Aha, Emily, was too excited with her Hello Kitty's Handkerchief that has a BBpin. lol

Sweet sensation for the night - Seventh H e a v e n 

T h i r d Destination - Overtime, Penang.

S t a r k e r for the night with the lovely ladies.

Moi & Sista


Before we left?

A picture of showing l o v e from us to Overtime.

Do i have to mention where is this? Better not. :p

F o r t h Destination - Red, Bellisa Row. Life band on a Tuesday night. 

Life band, life singing. Supporting Kiwie, one of the singer there.

Tipsy? Not so early. :p


Perempuan ini memang s l e e p y la. lol

But the night is still y o u n g .

See, people singing, she's sleeping.

Carson & some of them came & join us girls after their Futsal.

as well as Edwin, WeiYip & Jong.

Tiring much after places hopping from one to another with my heels. Killing.

F i f t h Destination - Bed, Bellisa Row

It was a pretty fun yet tiring night. Slept over at Wendy's place.

L o v e Princess.


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