Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lovely Sunday, a beautiful day waking up early without knowing what to do next,
i'm here waiting for you, waiting for you baby, waiting for you to date me out today.. Amour..

Waking up surprisingly early this morning. This is rare, normally i don't wake up this early if i have no class on the next morning. The reason why, because i slept very early last night, despite for the keep waking up part to instagram & twit? I've no idea why. A very weird habit, waking up checking on my phone, not because of calls or messages just checking on Instagram, very r a n d o m i know. I always think i might get the CBD(Computer Breakdown Depression, according to Fly/Hits FM(not so sure).. lol), like seriously. I will get bored and fall asleep easily if the battery is flat or it's not around me. My baby iphone is with me 24/7, even i'm in class, i'm eating, i'm shitting, i'm sleeping & more. Always be there and never gonna leave me. Sometimes i think baobei kinda hates my baby iphone, cause i have more interaction to my baby iphone than to him. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Saturday night, was supposed to be out for partying since it's been awhile i last did, the last one would be May? More than a month, coming two soon.. Awww i'm getting tame, no longer a party animal?. But a bitey chipmunk who loves to drink. Joyce will be showing that freaking face & complaining, 'yah & get drunk easily!!!' WHATEVER!! Nothing can stops someone who get drunk easily TO DRINK right?!! HAHAHAHAHA

Went to Twenty-One, BSC last night with my friends for their friend's birthday bash. (Happy Birthday Jullie!) Thought of going to Zouk after that, but baobei called half way(die also have to pick up). He were like checking out where was i, & i can agak-agak read his mind, he wants to come find me, which means, NO MORE PARTY AFTER. But it's alright, i'll sacrifice(like what a BIG sacrifice for the raingod, HAHAHAHAHAHA) for it, I can hardly see my baobei every day, he has to work on weekdays, & i've classes to attend besides that i'll be spending time with my friends as well. So i'm kinda glad that i can even meet him at night just for a couple of hours although it's just for supper. That's already more than enough for meThank you baobei for bringing to ho-lan-7-FAR for Chu Yok Fan only. HAHAHAHAHAHA..

Moi, de Princesslockyalips
very ONZ for p a r t y hor? Too bad lahhhh.. :P
Lovin' the dangling earring i wearing, it's freaking C H E A P,
it's from ALDO & it costs me 9 bucks ONLY!!!
Like x 42938493284820 times.

Not forgetting a very funny thing from Evie, she whatsapp me & asked if i was alright, she thought that i'm fighting with baobei(of course NO), & then comes with a funny sentences from her bf, 'Marc says you make up also longer than the time you stay hahahahah' That was seriously laughing outta my ass man, but quite true in a way la.. HAHAHHAHAHAHA

Can you see my h a p p y face with my h a p p y make up, a very heavy one. lol
But it's alright, this pwetty pictures taken last night,
made the Popular page for instagram, POPS!!! winks*
It's all worth it.(Self comforting*)

Then then then, i forced baobei to webcam, to be exact is camwhoring with the photobooth (Mac always has the best webcam quality, this is one of the reason i chose Mac over all other brands.) Baobei cannot do anything, it's about give and take. Since i have sort of gave up my party for him(exaggerating, lol), so he has to be vain for me. Muahahahaha.
In fact, he's quite good at it, he's a vain baby, a cute one indeed. We took more than 100 over webcam pictures for sitting in front of the screen half an hour? Vain enough i know. I thought that i can only do this with my darlings(as vanity is the intrinsic for girls), but didn't know baobei can do this as well. haha. 

Moi & Baobei instagram
Receiving some r a n d o m comments that mentioning baobei looks familiar.
It's a bad thing that he shares a very common face like other does.
I'm so gonna laugh at him.. HAHAHAHHAHA

Well not gonna post up any pictures about the photobooth, gimme sometime to edit-edit first. Otherwise it's gonna over flow with my pictures with baobei. shy*

Niau Niauuuuuuu, Skype a little with my darlings yesterday before we all heading out for our Saturday night. 

If you see this, here are some virtual hugs and kisses*
Die also have to go back to Penang next week!! Confirm x 95%
Fellow friends from Penang, please come and date me out. :)

My pretty darlings are well dolling up where me hugging the Tofu.
No CUTE no CUTE!! tsk*

Last, to the one and only Sze sze who always went missing in Wingeez, we miss you too! Our Skype is waiting for you. Do add me on Skype ok? ID: povy/povyteng(not sure, you just search la. lol) We can chat more often my babyboo!!!. Eh for those who is not Sze sze don't add me ok? *giving you the cock stare, pointing at you* I don't like unknown to be in my Skype list, cause i don't know how to delete Skype contact from my list, or can someone just help me out on solving this problem. It really irritates me 4892084804 times. Thanks a million.

People in love usually have this 'glow' on their faces, you know what I mean??? Like they look super happy cheery and glowy, yes glowy! May all of you get the "glow" just like i do. Going to shower in awhile while waiting for baobei come bring me out for our Sunday Date.

Lotsa l o v e from P r i n c e s s . xx

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