Lockyalips' Birthday '11

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A yearly celebration on the day i was born after nineteen years - 2nd of April of 2011. This day, i would to spend my precious night with dear sisters and my darling babes, though some of them are not around, some of them cannot make it for that night. But still i would love to thanks to those who came and made a wonderful night for me. Much Appreciate. 

Yours Truly, the birthday Princess Lockyalips.
Alright it's weird to credit yourself as the 'birthday girl'. :/

Birthday Dinner was at Sigi's Bar & Grill, a restaurant located in Golden Sand Hotel. A chilling place just right next to the beach, where you can enjoy the sunset right after your swim and do a little barbecue session or slow dine by the beach with a glass of wine or two. A pleasant place to chillax, away from the hectic city's lifes. This is the reason why i chose the place. :)

I've been to this lovely place last year, & i always want to pay a visit back. So why not, gathered all my loved one together on my birthday.

How it looks when the sun set, with the blue light on, for the night view.

Too bad on that day we were too late to catch up with the sunset. Was too busy dolling up around evening time and went to pick up my darlings one by one when we're on the way up. It may used up some of the time, i know. Well, need no more excuses with the traffic along and the distance from my place to the restaurant, far beyond town with wining road on the way up. Ahhhh.. Glad that it didn't screw up my night, thankfully. 

Okay, Here are my darlings, bao beis, babes & etc.
All my love one, just so you know. xx
From left to right, top to bottom : Szesze, Vivian, Wendy, Jane, Joelle, Joyce, Joanne, Emily

Not forgetting to mention, yours truly planned a little theme for her birthday dinner although not much people were invited, only girls. (Sorry not any dicks shown up, as yours truly doesn't have much guy's bff, pretty sad thing ya know. D; ) On the other hand, that's a good thing too. Cause the theme of the party will be 'Beach Maxi'. Imagine guys wearing long beach maxi or maybe beach wear and shorts. Tak Formal, me no likey**

As the dinner goes on, we have some girlie time together, chitchatting, gossiping, taking pictures & etc before we dine.. Good catching up with all of them. xx

This is the flipping dress Princess Pose. Cute one.

Here comes the food, most of us ordered the same dishes on the set dinner menu, not much difference though, so just a few pictures i posted up.

Delicious? Yes or no? 

Taaaaa-daaaaaah, my petite birthday cake cutting session!! after the meal :)
Very petite. :p

 ' I'm like a real Princess on that night, requesting a kiss from all of them. ' shy*
Random thoughts.

Before we left this lovely place...

Darlings, let's come back again before sun set alright? 

Later on, we switched to another place for some chilling session before we call it for a night, one of my favorite bar in Straits Quay - Berlin Bier Houz. Sadly some of my darlings went back earlier for their beauty sleep. :/

Girls just want to have FUN FUN FUN!!!

Corona Extra & Erdinger - Drink of the night.

I shall end this post with lots of loves. 
Till then, Toodles.


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