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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I would like to greet myself, a very warm welcome, as this is rather random, yes very random. Never thought I would blogging at this hour? A pleasant Tuesday, a boring one indeed. My holiday started since last friday, besides some outing with my pals, i'm basically spending my time rotting at home doing nothing, besides sleeping, eating, rotting, online, watching TV, drama & etc. The worst part would be, i'm having holidays for two months before i enter my uni? Never felt so SIENS before, life with dull & dusty comes. Emooooo*

My dear god, please get me something to do!!!

 Oh well well well, then i randomly came across some of my friend's photos. It's all about the travelogue. My god everywhere ya know?? How could it be? Traveling around is always one of the biggest joy in life, need no time for you to think of doing your boring daily routine, class, work & etc, but having the most wonderful experience on exploring somewhere you never been before. Or paying a little visit back to a place you would always love to reminiscing, bring back old memories. Or visiting someone at the other side of the world? so much to do, so lovely to do. ♥ 

Then it comes to my mind, i wanna go on a V A C A T I O N !!..
When was the last time i fly? Despite for 24 hours Medan Trip. hmmm, I've no idea either!  

Well, there're few places i love to visit for this Summer, traveling with the Hot Sun around. 
Sunblock, shades, umbrella needed immediately please. lol

First - Aussie Land
Many of my friends went there to further their studies, vacation, work and etc. I WANT TO GO TOO!!! There's always a great excuse for me, MY SISTER IS THERE, SHE NEEDS A VISIT FROM ME, YOUR DEAR LITTLE SIS! Haaah!! Lame indeed, just giving a bloody lame excuse for your dear little daughter go to another island to spend my parent's money!. Erm, so my sister always rejected my idea, unless I SAVE MY OWN MONEY! how cruel can she be. Emooo 2* But it's alright, since another sister of mine is going there to further her studies soon, hmm, i'm thinking of pack myself into her luggage, so that we can go together! Haaaahhhh!! I love this idea of mine, but N O N S E N S E much, i know. 

Second - Macau/Hongkong
The place i always wanted to go after watching Boys Over Flower, One of the huha-huha korean drama back to two years ago? Not sure about when was the drama, but i'll never forget the place where Goo Jyunpui and Kim Chan Dee went - Venetian in Macau.

See See Seeeeeeeeee!!! Screams*

 I have never been to Venetia for my past UK trip(not Europe), so do Venetian in Macau. The love from me to this place is stronger thanks to the Break Up Club (分手说爱你), a movie by Jaycee Chan & my beloved Fifi, Fiona Sit. There's a scene in Macau too. Imagine, happy honeymoon with your love one. Hahahahahaha..

& why Hongkong? Because it just right next to Macau, yes? no? Yours truly might as well visit Hongkong since the last time i been there was back to many years ago, when i'm still very young(not very old also la for NOW), the age of illegal, can't even enter pubs and clubs. Because now i want to go Lan Kwai Fong! lol Emoooo3*

Third - Koreaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
As you know i'm a big Fans of KPOP!! I love all the dramas, Musics, Artists, & BIG BANG!!! ♡ Okay, but not during Summer time, End of the year? Winter maybe? I wanna Bao like a trendy BaZhang. Can you imagine that?  :D

If you don't mind me sharing one of my current favorite korean songs with you guys alright? 
A song from Kahi - One Love

I love you, don't wasting time, neoreul saranhae nan, oh nan.. ♥

Fourth - BKK
Again, Most of my friends went without me at beginning of the year, i was suppose to go with them, thanks to my class started right after the long hols. & also Financially unacceptable, just came back from Taiwan. My parents surely shoo me with a BIG NO.. Emoooo4* Duhh, many of them kept telling me, there're lotsa of cheap cheap wholesales dress over there, i want to shop, i want to shop like a mad lady!! 

Last, will be Singaland
Yes I still can clearly remember it was back to two years. Frankly speaking, I don't fancy anything about Singapore the kia-su-land, the place is pretty near to our country, i might as well go to somewhere far right?. Just that Vivian came to me, and she complained, 'Why did singapore change so much right after OUR VISIT?' Universal Studio & etc. Hello why? 
So a pay back visit is a must

& Since Jane is going there this June to meet up with her superboyfriend when he's on his way back from Tasmania and transit to Singapore before back to Malaysia. In this case, i'll grab Vivian along, after her mid year trial, because I DON'T WANT TO BE LIGHTBULB!! V, please go with me. How how how how how? I'm freakin bored, let's go! 

Not forgetting, Air Asia and Cathay are being a bitch now, cheap fares all around, to Singpore, Hongkong and etc! I'm waiting for Australia now, hopefully it will pop up soon enough as i save up my money! But for now, how to resist the cheap cheap fares you tell me! going mad*

(I just realize all the places i want to go are all in Asia, will not looking forward to any other European Country or States,

until i'm all grown up and it reaches my own finically support.)

One last wish, my dear god, please get me a tree with money growing every second, or a damn hole filled with uncountable treasure. So that all my travelogue can be fulfilled unconditionally. waves* Or maybe a damn work which is easy and can earns lots of money!! HAHAHAHAHA Slam hard, yours truly please back to reality, there's no free meal in this world. Hence i'm gonna flip on the newspaper and start to go for a job hunting, or maybe not? Laziness kills. Anyway, am going for my work training tmrw, wish me luck. 
Money money please come to me!! Kaching-kaching***** 

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Till then, Toodles.

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