10 little this and that in my 2010

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Recalling... Recalling...

#1, Got my first Semi pro camera, baby Lumix Lx3. Thank you parents for getting me a Macbook Pro as well. I love both of them. Wheeee Macbook is well pair up with my Iphone, ain't it?

Well with the help and use of them, they make my life till the best. I can snap every single things that i want freely and fully used of them and upload with my macbook. This is the reason why i have plenty of photos in my fb. I think i've more than 17000 pictures store in my macbook. Great amount? :p

#2, Beginning of the year, Threw a little surprise to my Darling V on her birthday. Well nothing special actually. Just that she's always the Dakajie and always the greatest ever in Wingeez. Her tolerance towards all of us, is what we always appreciate. Thank you for being there.

 On V's Birthday, 9th of January @ her house

On My birthday, 2nd of April @ Suffolk House

On S's birthday, 15th of November @ Bonton

Ooops, missing J's? Where are you??!! :OOO
Guess I'll replace J's birthday with this cute Halloween alright?

30th of Oct @ Dome

As for Vivian, 7 years & still counting.

As for Sze, 9 years & still counting.

As for Jane, 13 years & still counting.

What makes the great in my life besides family?

Yes, they always do.. My lifetime soulsisters.

#3, As for family, i never know that family can be such an important role to me. When i was young, i always thought that family are always there no matter what. Yes they are. But as everyone grown up, everyone walk into their different paths of life, Studying in other country, working and etc. As for me, the youngest sister, I was like always standing there, watching them far like a stars and shine on top of the sky, so high yet so bright but so hard to reach them. We used to have family trip at the end of the year, like we went to Korea, Hongkong, Bkk and etc.. But for now.. I never know meeting each other and gather all of them is not as easy as you think. I have to take a year time to gather all my sisters together. Glad that i finally get to do so, All of them were back on the end of the year, we had the last night of 2010 spent happily together.

 Sister's 21st White Birthday Bash

CNY'10, missing Joanne.

Aunt's wedding @ KL Tower

Happy Family but missing dad.

#4, College Life Started, met new friends in 2 different semester. Some are funny, serious, helpful, weird? and etc. I've widen my sight and learned a lot from them. Thank you for teaching me and tolerating my noisiness and lameness in class. We did have fun outing even we were not in class. But one thing, i'm not really happy is we had too little time to spend together. We shall hang out more. I miss all the craziness you guys brought to me.

From top left to bottom, Chee Kuan, Matthew & Benjamin.

They always made my favorite pass time in class.

#5, Attended some parties and met lots of nice party animals. Parties? Yeah, from small to big. From mini birthday celebration to partying with big bunch of great people. 'Fly Like a G6!' Partying like no tomorrow!

 7aste @ 32 Mansion

 Hennessy Artistry @ Queen Elizabeth II


 Voodoo, new club in town.

 Celebrating Wendy's 21 @ The View, Equatorial 

Ultimate Black & White @ Fame Club

KL road trip @ Sultan Lounge

Poppin bottles in the ice, like a blizzard
When we drink we do it right getting blizzard

#6, Learned something new in life, met a lot of new people, great people. They've taught me something what we cannot learn in our class but in life. You know who you are. 

#7, Summer, went to UK, for sister's graduation with mum. Had some western kind of lifestyles for 3 weeks, though it's just 3 weeks, but it has became one of my unforgettable experience in life by now. It somehow inspired me to further my studies down there instead of Australia. I swear I'll study hard to achieve better result in order to study there and be a professional in future. *waves & flip hair*

Sister's Graduation @ Manchester University




#8, Earned a little money but spent it all, did i save any down? I guess no. My unconditional desires are always there and never gonna be fulfilled and keep increasing. Goshhh.. I need a part time job badly. Hopefully i can get myself a Bag B/P/M by next year, not too greedy for a C yet..

#9, Got my result for last semester, not really well scored? CGPA 3.? But it's ok, as long as it reached my satisfactory level. Although my attendance was a little disappointing, but i'm strongly satisfy with my result. Good Year ahead, everything is gonna be alright. 

#10, Christmas, went to Taiwan with sisters and best buddies. Had a short yet unforgettable 8 days 7 nights trip with all of them, although i failed to be a good tour guide but at least, i did some research and i guess everyone had fun right?

@ Xi Men Ding

@ Taipei 101

@ Flora Exploration

& i'm lucky enough to meet him in Taiwan

That's it for my 10 little this and that in my 2010.
Happy New Year Everyone, Toodles, x

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