Life in Manchester

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A little update on my life in Manchester.

Yellow yellow yellow ;
Side of the building anyway. lol

English Breakfast 

Arndale Centre, where i use to hang out everyday. 

Mama & Moi

Tea time along the street.

T-mobile connects me with the cyber world.

Worldcup fever, Octopus Prediction. lol

Primark Addiction, Lingerie seduction.

Grocery shopping.

Random street shot, about to rain.

Lancaster House, Home sweet home

Manchester Eye

On top of the city

A great city attractions

Nightlife, K-2, Karaoke Session, Sing-k

Chivas + GreenTea

Sista, Mama & Moi

Awww happ happ chilling

Say cheeseeeeeeee :D

Having fun all night long.

Last, favorite supper, Budweiser & Roast Duck

Till then, Next up Manchester Old Trafford ManUtd Football Club,
Stay tuned if you're a ManUtd Fans. 

Nights w/ loves, X

A day with darlings..

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

*WARNING : Webcam Pic Spam*

Date : 26 August 2010
Venue : 7-Bistro & Starbucks, Gurney

Povy PHM Baby Jie × Vivian Leafboufy Money Jie × Jane Oyy Honey Jie
featuring Sze sze BabyBoo 

What happens during FullMoon, girls gone mad...

A day ended with love, ℒℴѵℯ povy

Sista's Big Day

Monday, October 11, 2010

 From her smile & eyes, we see everything - bright future
My sunshine baby Sis!! ♥

These day has finally arrived, one of the biggest day for the Teng's. As my eldest sister is the first child, here comes our first Degree Graduation in our family. Welcome our first Biotech in the family. My mother and i were invited to attend her graduation in Manchester. & this is the reason why i been to UK as well, mainly to attend sister's graduation, partly going for short vacation. I bet my third sister, Joyce will be effin jealous now, because we offered her to go together since she's in KL studying, but she refused. Too bad for her then. :)

On a fine Sunny day, a day after we arrived at Manchester, just in time for her graduation.

Whitworth Hall

Biotechnology with Industrial Experience - Poh Li Teng 
so proud of my sister!! *Waves flag & big claps for her*

Yours truly.

The ceremony ends in half an hour time. Then post-ceremony photo taking session with all their family and friends, at wherever you can see around the university. A joyful day full with great smiles and laughter.

Mum, Sister, Moi

 Some of her best friend, Gary, Michelle & Alex

 Sister with her course mates.

Aaron & Joanne

Sister leading us to one of the nicest spot in her University to take good pictures.

See, Many of them were there too.

Not so boring with all the Harry Porter alike old buildings. lol

Alright let see what was i doing at the meantime when my sister was using my camera busy taking pictures.

 Playing with her friend's Iphone 4.
When the time was first release on beginning of July, if i'm not mistaken.
Wahhh, i'm so impressed on that time but definitely NOT NOW!!

No doubt it is way better than my iphone 3Gs. Screw Apple for keep upgrading and releasing new goods. What else some more? After iphone 3gs, iphone 4.. iphone 4s? iphone 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 ... countlessly. Anyways, i'm planning to get one too but not so soon, perhaps after iphone 4 system stabilized in a better version & in colour white(favorite) or maybe rumors-upcoming-iphone 5. Hmmm. Because ya know I'm an Apple Fan! 

& not forgetting, yours truly again.
Hah, i know still have many years to go till i'm wearing my very own hat.
Lets wait patiently. :)

Before i end this post, here comes some of the cute stuff i saw in the University, they were selling some souvenirs at the cafeteria.


Last but not least, Congratulations My Da Jie. She has completed one of the most important chapter in her life, here comes another brand new chapter. Few more months to my second sister too, in Melbourne, but i guess i'm not going to visit her on her graduation, give the chance to the others, perhaps my brother. :)

Joanne Teng, you're my motivation ; few more years will be mine, at the same place, at the same spot exactly where you at. I'll study hard and where i'll be in the future is at Manchester University of Architecture aka University of Manchester.

Good Night readers.
With Love, Povy.