7ASTE ✭ Monte Carlo

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Revel On The Finer Things In Life :
Get ready to experience the glamorous lifestyle of Monte Carlo crafted fascinatingly by 7aste -- expect exotic fast cars along with race queens, spellbinding performances, spinning sessions by DJs, sparkling wine, exquisite cuisine and splendid prize giveaways. Luxuriate in every indulgence meant to heighten all senses -- it is time to live it up like an A-list celebrity.

24 September 2010, 7aste is back to town once again! The event was held at Thirty Two Mansion,  same place as the past 7aste Cape Town. The theme for this time will be Monte Carlo, no longer Cape Town. The party started at 8, party goes on till 12. As for all the late comers, i bet many of them missed out lots of fun and of course the free flow session. Pretty sad for them. Anyway, thanks for the invite for the party, great company & great environment -- the night was a blast.

7aste Bently spotted, displaying outside the Mansion.
This definitely caught my eyes, as you know Bently is my all time favorite. :)

The entrance hall is full of people queueing.

'Hey, please proceed to the VIP Guest List to get your VIP invitation!' :)

 Pretty & friendly ladies were registering work for everyone.

7aste Inspire The True You

Well, there's two 7aste booths were set at the side of the entrance hall for people who haven't register themselves and to check out more about 7aste event.

 My table of the night, got a Table 8,
888, Huat Huat Huat!! lol

 They got us a nice place which is just right in front of the stage and at the middle of the Hall.

 On the other side of Thirty Two Mansion, also known as Babylon Beach Blanket, 
was nicely decorated with 7aste theme..

Moi with two hot 'Casino Girls'
Imin & Jia Lin ; Lovin their fish net stocking.

Alright, with this 3 little coupon i holding on my hand*,
you can claim one bottle of wine with each of them. 

 There you go, wines & our Polaraid taken on that night.

& yours truly with the big 7.

Besides for free flow & performances were carried out,
You can stand a chance to win some free gifts home with you.

Interesting games were carried out through out the whole night.
For instance, Punto Banco & Fortuna Wheel;
Ipad, Itouch, Ipod Shuffle & Pendrive.. All are ready for people to win them back home.
Sep 25, 2010
Interesting aite? :)
Too bad, i'm not lucky enough to win any besides for the 7aste Pendrive. :(

Anyway, before the party started, Ziwin, the magician showed us some trick on, 
how to bend a metal fork.
 Yimay was helping him, doing the demo.

After awhile, as more and more people coming, there goes the party started!!

Hawaiian style Opening Dance

 & a hot lady performing with her violin.

 Of course, not forgetting to play with my favorite God Finger while enjoying the party. :)

Next, some pictures with the party people ;

My ladies of the night, Joelle & Yimay.
Welcome Yimay back from UK!!

 Ze so called magician from KL, Ziwin

Charlene, Working as one of the hot 7aste server. 

One of the pretty blogger, Vivian Wong & Miss red lipsticks Shu Rong

 The super cool & funny Karman
she just came back from HK & here she comes for the party with us.

Carson, Joelle, Nigel, Moi & Yimay

My babyvon Mama, and she was late.

 Cleo Wei, came right after her prom.

 & Dolly girl, Fanny Sin, back from KL.

Jamie Wen, Chammaine Tan, Zoe Sauders & Moi

Alright, this is rather random and lame i know,
Yours truly being a reporter, reporting how's the game going on that night.

Congratulations for winning the Clinique StarTour.

Group Pictures with them ;
John, Eddy, Jasmine, Shindee Feicui 

The photographer of 7aste.

Lastly, yours truly.
Not 30 degree to the left, or 45 degree to the right;
just right in front, 0 degree. 
My current profile picture as well.

Love it? Yes or no
For more pictures, check out my facabook.

Before i end this post, check out the upcoming
7aste Monte Carlo event on the 8th of October at Ecoba, KL.
Book your dates to enjoy the exclusive 7aste event!!
I might be going down for the event, see you guys in KL. :)


  1. can you pls do a tutorial on your eye make up? its very nice! tq :)

  2. I don't really know how to take a proper video, sorry for your request.. :]

  3. The one in ECOBA was too damn packed compared to what I see from your photos.

  4. Mike Yip - I just found out that, you actually commented on my blog before, which is two years ago.. And now only i replied you! HAHAHAHAH