Nic's birthday celebration

Monday, August 16, 2010

First celebration

Date : 15 May 2010
Venue : Mois Club

Hello & Happy Birthday to you, Nicholas!!
H-a-p-p-y t-w-e-n-t-y-f-o-u-r!
Moi & Birthday boy, man!!

Babe Joelle & Moi

Moi & YiSin

Moi, Bruce & Nigel

Such a weird combination ; Moet + Redbull?

Group Photo @ Mois VIP

Last, tourist alike pose!
we were pretending like, we never been to Mois before.

Second Celebration
Dinner at E&O, and i missed it.. :X


Third Celebration
Party goes on after the dinner..

Date : 19 May 2010
Venue : Neway, Queensbay

Hello the sunshine birthday boy, Nicholas..

Us girls; Moi, Wendy, Natasha & Jingrou..
(Ah jo was drunk hanging around.. oops)

Okay, here is the drunkard!!

Another drunkard, Nata!

Kok Eu & YiSin

The white angels, Nigel & Moi

You can see Kok Eu, Hap-hap singing..



Finally a proper one, but focus on the girls only..

Again, Drunkard Jo!!

Drunkard Nata, Jingrou & Nick..
Before Nata went back to Nottingham,
Before Jingrou went back to KL,
Before Nick went to Liverpool..

Last, Me and the drunkard Joelle..
It's not good to be drunk, because i'll keep repeating, 

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