Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Date : 21 May 2010

Venue : 32 Mansion

It was like a mini party gathered all the people in Penang.. So yah, lots of pictures were taken.. Well i'll let the pictures do all the talking..

YeongKhang, Moi, Babyvon & Jingrou
In front of Mansion 32

Nic doing his registration..

Met the friendly Emcee of the day, Belinda Chee

She was one of the Adverlets' blogger as well..

Babe Jane, Moi, Nigel, Babe Jingrou, Babe Jo & Nic

All my lovely babes. 

Khangie, Moi & Eddy the smurf.. lol

Eddy, Jane & Moi

Jojo, John, Khangie & Eddy

Moi & babe Emily

Met Charlene working as a white angel.

See, i'm taking free instant polaroid! lol

Moi, Chun Min & Jane

Moi, Bruce Tan the Zhan & Jane

Bruce Tan, Moi, Nic & Nigel
The 浮夸 Rich Kaki - F3

The F3 with Jane

Fianlly Maine arrived.
It was raining heavily out there.

The Lovey Dovie..
Jae shaun & Chammaine

Jane, Moi & Chammaine

Jae shaun, Chammaine, Moi & Babyvon

Jane, Caryne, Lee Hoeng & Moi

Herng Yi, Wei Qiang, Yang, Moi, Lee Heong & Chao(wasn't paying attention)

Moi, Yenni & Babyvon

Wanyong, Moi & Jolene

Moi & The hot sisters, Annie & Cally

Moi, Jane & Marry the Huiying

Moi, Khangie, Jingrou & Babyvon

Moi, Babyvon, Jingrou & pretty Natalie

Sifu Carson, YiSin & Jane

Woots whats going on again? Drunkard is drunk again!

But we ignored her! :p

Last, the guys with the mansion behind..

& before i end this post,
We met Nicholas Chan, our high school mate at Abu Mamak.. 

Till then, Toodles 


  1. hey Povy.
    Great post over there. I can see that you had loads of fun right there.

    I'll be sure the next one you'll be invited as well too.

    the next one would be 7ASTE Monte Carlo and will be held in Penang as well.

  2. Hey thanks, it was fun because of the party was great and the company as well.. :)
    Alright, thanks for informing.. Don't miss me out for the next party alright? :)

  3. Heyy. found your blog really interesting. now there's new blog for me to follow. *weee* :)

  4. Hey thanks Sayyie, do visit more often.. :)