Pc Fair @ Klcc

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Date : 17th of April
Venue : KLCC Convention Centre
People : Jason Ong, Sister, Josh Lim & more.
Purpose : To buy Macbook Pro
Picture Credit : Http://Josh.my/

Met Jingrou working for Philip Booth. Happy Working!!

Up side down lehhhh

Josh's friend.

Yup, its me & the girl who selling 'speedlight' effect. Bright Sangat!

Spotted at Klcc food court 

Lastly, The Teng Sisters.

Not forgetting, Thank you Brian, Ryan & Soo Chern for driving me all the way from Subang. The journey wasn't that far, its the time for them to wait for me does matter. Appreciated.

Toodles *

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