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Friday, June 11, 2010

Date: 24th of April
Venue : One Club
Purpose : ApexCutz Anniversary after party

Yours truly on that night.

Went to SixtyNine @ Batu Ferringhi before headed to One Club.

Tauke Eddie & Moi

Kai Ho, Egg, Moi, Lynne, Neighbor Ah B aka Jin Xiang & Ching Khoon

Adrian & gf, Runfire + Lightbulb Kaiho

Keddie, Kaiho, Keiho & Khobo

(its eddie, but since everyone's name comes with a K, so yah, Keddie)

Caryne, Khobo, Moi & Evon

Ladies in Black

Ahhhh, Drunkard face!

Nobody Posing. Clap clap*

Khobo & Yu Qing

I love her hair so much!


Khobo's drunkard face, LIM AHHHHH!!

Moi & Khobo

The Mr & Miss Medan Lim Cheng Teik 

Uhh GAY?

JinXiang & Yit Ming

Okay, here comes introducing my partner of the night. 
Mr Aw Kai Ho

 #1 Retarded us?

#2 A normal one

#3 Us with our 'Mic' of the night, being a reporter in the club

#4 Wheeee you can see that we enjoy posing and being the report of the night

Below are few shoots taken when we were doing our reporting job. 


Esther forcing Mr reporter to drink.

Miss reporter was on the phone+Reporting & featuring Keiho

Caryne joined our reporting job too

We love posing for the camera

Darren eventually joined us too. He's getting professional now.

Good Job for us?

Lastly, yours truly with the always filled glass. It never ends. :)

  Dear boy,  
Broken promises cannot be trusted again ;
But broken heart can always be heal.
{ You know who you are }

Good Night baby & Good Night World. 
Love Povy.

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