Bff's Hang out

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Date: 10th of April
Time : Evening
Venue : Gurney
People : Yours Truly, Vivian, Jane, Chee Huai & Ken

First, come with my stupid whip cream idea at Starbucks. One of our favorite chilling spot while waiting for the guys.

Next, had our dinner at some Taiwan Cuisine.

I'll say, Welcome back Chee Huai & Happy Seeing the both of you..

The boys were busying playing with drag paper. Such an addictive game to them. They even fought for my baby Iphone.

My retarded Chicken Porridge with my retarded pimple on my face.

Chilled at Winter Warmers to kill time since we don't want to be home so early on the Saturday Night. lol

& Guess who is here? Linhui joined us after the boys left,  awhile for really awhile.

Again, My oh-so-fantasy effect!! I likey*


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