Monday, May 24, 2010

Its been awhile since i blog, sorry for neglecting my blog. Due to some reasons :

  • was busy for the past few weeks, assessment week.
  • old laptop with less memory space for me to transfer all the recent photos which may use up a lot of space. lol.
  • my new external hard disk broke down, i've no idea why it break down so easily. wtf?
  • Lack of time & lazy, been exploring my new baby MBP. ♥
  • Busy hanging around lately, as i'm having a two weeks term break.(the break is over anyway)
  • Been partying around with friends.

Enough said?

Anyway, this is an overdue post, as you can read on the list above. lol. Sorry my bad again. What to do, no more WLW. Sigh. Btw, am still looking for some nice application which are able to blog on Mac besides on blogger website itself, any recommendation?.
I don't really like blogger writing format lahh!! :(

More to come, stay tuned. Toodles*

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